Would-be thieves crash SUV into Wicker Park vintage store in attempted robbery

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CHICAGO (WLS) — An SUV crashed into a store in Wicker Park Tuesday morning in an attempted burglary, Chicago police said.

The crash occurred at the Round Two boutique at about 4:27 a.m. in the 1500-block of North Milwaukee Avenue. The store sells high-end shoes and clothing.

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Authorities arrived to find a Jeep crashed into the front of the store, which was caused significant damage to the store. Police said the suspects were not able to get into the building and no proceeds were taken from the store.

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Surveillance video shows the moments when the stolen Jeep Grand Cherokee crashed into Round Two. A crew of what seems to be at least five men appear to look for a way into the store, but run away when they can’t find one.

This is the latest in at least seven similar crash-and-grabs, which Chicago police say that have been taking place in different neighborhoods starting exactly one week ago on October 24.

The last incident was just two blocks away at Urban Jungle. In that incident, the vehicle managed to full crash through the windows, and thieves were able to steal what owners said was around $100,000 in merchandise.

In a statement, the executive director of the Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce said in part, “We’re proactively working to create solutions for business owners to help mitigate the impact these incidents have on them. For instance, the Chamber and SSA #33 offer members in our business district a safety and security rebate, which provides financial assistance for preventative measures such as camera installation, anti-smash glass upgrades, glass repair/replacement and exterior lighting, as well as creating natural barriers that obstruct storefronts from vehicles.”

Ironically, Round Two has installed not just protective shutters on their front windows and door, but also orange planters, which many other businesses on Milwaukee Avenue have, in an attempt to protect their store.

While the thieves were not able to get in and take any merchandise, the attempted crash and grab still caused a considerable amount of damage to the building. The owner, who did not want to go on camera, said he is afraid the thieves will come back tonight. In the meantime, all the merchandise has been removed from the inside.

No injuries were reported and no one is in custody. Area Five detectives are investigating.

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