World swimming medals 2023: today the 4×100 style wins silver

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And thank goodness they weren’t in shape. «In the relay races we are further behind than a year ago», had ruled Thomas Ceccon, our multipurpose jewel. And looking at the seasonal times, he was right. But the race is a race, e the blues are transformed (Miressi for example, 47”54 in his opening fraction) and are now fixed in the world elite. When it matters they know what to do.

Today’s races: three world records, Ceccon and Martinenghi final

As the Italian 4×100 style relay composed by Alessandro Miressi, Manuel Frigo, Lorenzo Zazzeri and Thomas Ceccon (who replaced Deplano who competed this morning in heats and who in the meantime has trimmed his beard to keep his competition moustache) it is silver behind Australia in 3’10”49: it is Italy’s first medal at the Fukuoka World Cup and it was gold up to the last 15 metres, when Chalmers burns our Ceccon («But I did my personal anyway, even if in the end I was tired, I could see Chalmers, but he was too strong», explains Thomas). «Great race», Michels Phelps congratulated at the end who today saw his last record fall in the 400 medley due to the «fault» of the French Marchand.

It is the victory of a solid group (which also counts as a pass for the Paris Olympics, everyone’s real goal), already bronze a year ago at the Budapest World Cup and silver at the Tokyo Olympics, which today manages to keep the USA (without Dressel), who are bronze, behind them. Great Britain is missing on the blocks, one of the favourites, disqualified in the heat for an irregular change. «They could have even set the world record», Ceccon acknowledges. Worse for them.

Ours, on the other hand, are always there when it counts. In their words there is only a little space for nuanced gold (Frigo: «Sorry to lose for a little while, but we’re happy all the same, we did well, it was a somewhat complicated relay compared to other years»), satisfaction clearly prevails.

Especially from Zazzeri, who was stopped for five months at the end of last year due to an anaphylactic shock following which he discovered a heart problem, resulting in hospitalization, endless analyzes and lots and lots of fear: “For me this medal has a special meaning. It’s a silver that’s worth gold, then I’m always demanding, I’m sorry for my time trial, if I had been better maybe we would have won. Today we proved our strength to those who didn’t believe it.”

He found his spirit too Miressi who a year ago felt like the weak link in the relay and returned to swimming excellent times (47”54 his fraction): «I’m focused on this World Championship, and I’m happy to be back at my levels. I believed in it until the end, we were all 4 very good, Zazza is not to blame”.

July 23, 2023 (change July 23, 2023 | 5:36 pm)

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