Why A&W Made Cartoon Bears Wear Pants After M&M Spokes Candies Gaffe


M&M’s ‘pause’ from Spokes Candies

M&M’s put spokescandies on ‘indefinite pause’


A&W restaurants did not shy away from the online uproar over M&M’s listing decision. Cartoon “spokescandies” on hiatus.

Mars, which owns M&M’s, said this week that even candy shoes can be polarizing after being criticized and ridiculed for altering the look of anime candy, including swapping M&M’s green go-go boots for sneakers. publicly acknowledged that

Candy-coated chocolate gang, don’t let A&W fool you murmured On Tuesday, the character dubbed “Rooty the Great Root Bear,” a formerly pants-less bear character, wore denim jeans because “even the mascot’s lack of pants can be polarizing.” Since then, the tweet has been viewed over 4 million times and garnered 46,000 likes.

In fact, Rooty hasn’t undergone any wardrobe changes, A&W told CBS MoneyWatch. The company tweeted Wednesday, saying, “Now is a good time to say this is a joke.

Indeed, many Twitter users who commented on Rooty’s new look perceived it as a playful jab. But some people really seemed to procrastinate. “Does awakening have no boundaries,” another tweeted.

A&W spokesperson Liz Busner said, “Yesterday’s social media post was purely a joke and was meant to be a joke with the team at M&M.” I never thought I would be nervous about such a large audience.”

Rooty (pictured above) has been the A&W restaurant’s cartoon mascot since 1963. He jokingly changed his wardrobe in January 2023 (wearing denim jeans).

A&W Restaurant

A&W is a privately held fast food chain famous for its root beer floats. The company has approximately 600 locations across the United States, approximately 100 of which are connected to gas stations and convenience stores. Rooty has been the chain’s mascot since his 1963.

Bazner admitted that A&W wanted to catch up with M&M in the social media spotlight. But she said the company’s Twitter account is inundated with personal messages from people who oppose Rooty wearing pants.

“We love Ruti for what she is,” Bazner said. “And adding jeans to all our digital and physical assets would be very expensive.”


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