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15 June 2022, 10:06

Even in the seemingly perfect lives of very famous people there have been real dramas that have changed their history forever. Five celebrities who have lost a child.

The loss of a child is a dramatic moment like few others. In many cases we speak of premature deaths, which occurred at a young age or even in infancy. Survive a child, for a parent it is never easy but in the enormous despair one must still find the strength to go on, even for those who are no longer there. An example of strength then can come from famous people, in fact there are several VIPs who have had to face mourning in their lives, yet they have managed to transform their pain into something constructive. So let’s see together some of the famous people who have suffered this loss.

Lory Del Santo and her son with Eric Clapton: the terrible loss of little Conor

Famous artist, often at the center of gossip, Lory Del santo had a great love that went down in history in her youth: the one with Eric Clapton. From their union, their son Conor was born on 21 August 1986. At the age of 5, on 20 March 1991, the child fell out of the window of a New York skyscraper. Conor rushed from the 53rd plan and the impact was fatal. After that terrible tragedy the couple fell apart: perhaps the pain was too great and Lory del Santo and Eric Clapton broke up.

Gerard Depardieu: the drama of his son who died at 37

Iconic face of French cinema, Gerard Depardieu he had several wives.

The first was the colleague Élisabeth Guignot, who had starred in films such as Des garçons et des filles And Les Aventures de Zadig in his youth. A year after the wedding, she was born in Paris Guillaume, April 7, 1971. With a physiognomy similar to that of his father, the young man tried to follow in his footsteps and embarked on an acting career. However, his life was tormented by the confrontation with his father and in any case it was marked by abuse and recklessness. In 95 he was involved in a serious car accident, after which he underwent several surgeries that led to the amputation of a leg.

But fate was not kind to him and in addition to these sufferings it led him to die at the age of 37 in 2008 due to the aggravation of the consequences of one pneumonia.

Marlon Brando and the death of his daughter Cheyenne

There are lives that seem perfect and instead hide enormous pain and great strength to get back up. Marlon Brando was perhaps the most important actor in the history of world cinema. Sex symbol and innovatorwas among the first to apply the Staniskavskij method, based on the importance of empathizing with the role to play in each film.

This helped to grow his success in Hollywood and revolutionize the very way of making films. In the midst of his career, however, he had to deal with enormous problems in the private sphere. From his third wife, Tarita Teriipia had two children named Simon and Tarita Cheyenne, born in 1970 from artificial insemination. The two divorced shortly after but Brando continued to spend himself on his children, who in the meantime matured enormous problems. Cheyenne entered a deep depression as a young man followed or aggravated by the murder of her boyfriend Dag, for whose death Cheyenne’s half-brother Christian was convicted.

At just 25, the young woman committed suicide by hanging herself in 1995.

Sylvester Stallone and son Sage struck down by cardiac arrest

It was July 13, 2012 when the Rocky actor received perhaps the most painful blow of his life, the one that inevitably knocks you out: the death of his son.

He was called Sage and was Stallone’s first child, born of the relationship with Sasha Czack. The young man had embarked on his father’s career, but at 36 his body was found lifeless. Sage Stallone died of a sudden heart attack while he was at home in Los Angeles and in this way he forever marked the smile of Sly.

Immediately after his death, Sylvester Stallone said, “There is no greater pain when a parent loses a child” and still struggles to talk about that tragedy today.

Terence Hill and the loss of his son Ross in full adolescence

Ten-year protagonist of Don Matteonow heading into its 14th season, Terence Hill is the stage name of Mario Girotti. Born in Venice in 1939, Terence Hill in 1967 he married the American actress of German origins Lori Zwicklbauer. The two have a son, Jess and a few years later they decide to adopt another, Ross, born in 1973. A terrible car accident in Massachussets, however, takes away Ross in 1990, even before his 17th birthday, with his friend Kevin. Shocked by what had happened, Terence Hill retired from the scene for a while.


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