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Eurovision 2022: the 10 finalists of the first semifinal

Who are the 10 finalists of the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022? At the end of the performances and the consequent votes, the ten countries that pass to the final Saturdays are: Marius Bear for Switzerland; Rosa Linne for Armenia; le Systur for Iceland; Monika Liu for Lithuania; MARO representing Portugal; the Subwoolfer representatives of Norway; in the final also Amanda Georgia of Tenfjord for Greece; the Kalush Orchestra representing Ukraine; Zdob şi Zdub & Frații Advahov representatives of Moldova; tenth finalist is S10, the young artist who represents the Netherlands. Excluded from the final they are therefore: Albania with Ronela Hajati; Latvia with Citi Zēni; Slovenia with LPS; Bulgaria with the Intelligent Music Project; Croatia with Mia Dimšić; Denmark with REDDI and Austria with LUM! X feat. Pia Maria. (Update by Anna Montesano)

Eurovision 2022, who gets to the final?

Who will be the 10 finalists of the first semifinal of theEurovision Song Contest 2022? The voting is about to end and will also lead to the exclusion of seven European countries. Who will manage to win a place in the final on Saturday? Among the favorites are the DJ Lum! X and the singer Pia Maria, representatives of Austria with Halo. Among the favorites also the exponent of the Netherlands S10 (pseudonym of Stien den Hollander) who brought the song De Diepte to the stage. The Kalush Orchestra with Stefania, the representatives of Ukraine, could also win the podium, bringing to the stage a song that has now become a symbol of the country’s Resistance. (Update by Anna Montesano)

Eurovision 2022, who will be the finalists?

Tonight with the first semifinal we will discover the first finalists who will accompany Italy represented by Mahmood and Blanco, Spain with Chanel with the song SloMo, Great Britain represented by Sam Ryder with the song Space Man, France with Alvan ft. Ahez with Fulenn and Germany represented by Malik Harris with the song Rockstars. Tonight after all the performances the artists who will perform also during the show’s final will be voted, among the favors there is Austria competing with LUM! X feat. Pia Maria with the song “Halo” and the band from Ukraine that has already won the Eurovision final twice: the Kalush Orchestra with “Stefania”.

Eurovision 2022, Mahmood and Blanco in the final for Italy

After the victory of Mahmood and Blanco at the Sanremo Festival, the attention of Italians is directed to the imminent participation in theEurovision Song Contest. Tonight the first semifinal will take place live on Raiuno. On this occasion 18 countries will compete and also France and Italy will vote. The Eurovision Song Contest regulations provide that the five nations that financially supported the event may have guaranteed access to the final for their members in the competition. The nations in question are called Big Five, they are: Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain.

The top five finalists are Mahmood and Blanco who compete for Italy with the song “Broglie”, Alvan ft. Ahez with the song Fulenn for France, Malik Harris with the Rockstars song for Germany, Chanel with the song SloMo for Spain and Sam Ryder with the song Space Man for the UK. In the semifinals only the countries involved in the semifinal one participate in the vote plus 2 of the 5 countries directly in the final. In the final there are 26 songs. Once all the scores have been reset, there are the same votes as in the semifinals. So neither the jury nor the televoting from Italy will be able to vote Mahmood and Blanco. Whoever has the highest score wins and the country will have to organize the next edition.

Eurovision 2022, who are the finalists? Sam Ryder represents the UK and …

Avan and Ahez are the singers who represent France at Eurovision 2022 in Turin. The three girls who make up this French girl group met in Brittany, attending the same high school. In 2018 they begin to perform in trio, while the lucky meeting with Alvan dates back to 2021, in a bar in Rennes. From that moment the collaboration was born that will bring all four artists to perform together on the stage of the Pala Olimpico in Turin to try to win Eurovision 2022. To compete for Germany is Malik Harris. Behind him he has an EP released with Universal Music Germany, the first record company to believe in his talent. Much appreciated at home, he earned a place on the Eurovision 2022 stage in Turin thanks to the victory of the Germany 12 Points national contest where he defeated the competition thanks to the strength of the Rockstars song that we will listen to live on the stage of the international event.

Chanel instead will represent Spain. She is also a well-known face in Italy for her role in the soap Il Segreto broadcast on Channel 5. Chanel, the representative of Spain at Eurovision 2022, brings the song SloMO to the stage of the Pala Olimpico in Turin. The song is already a hit on a national scale and it seems that the performance that the artist will bring to the stage will be truly adrenaline and sensual. For the United Kingdom you will think about it instead Sam Ryder. The artist has an unexpected fan, Cristiano Malgioglio. Sam Ryder, the singer who represents the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2022, brings the song Space man into the competition. The song was written during a summer with friends, as told by the artist. Who will join them in the semifinals?



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