White Sox’ Dylan Seeds looks like part of the opening day starter


GLENDALE, Ariz. — Lance Lynn, 35, is the White Sox clubhouse alpha male and an experienced pitcher with a World Series ring, two All-Star Game selections, and three Top 6 finishes in the Cy Young voting. is.

Dylan Sees, 27, is the ace of the staff and voted for Justin Verlander after finishing a season in second place in the American League Cy Young. Justin Verlander is one of the elite players most opposing teams want to face, he’s a four pitch Arsenal pitcher.

One of them will start next Thursday’s season opener against the Astros in Houston.

“It’s good to have options,” said manager Pedro Grifol, waiting for Lin to announce his choice after returning from the World Baseball Classic.

Most signs point directly to the season lining up for the season opener if they make the final Cactus League start, considering Friday’s game against the Athletics with four days of rest and a five-day off before Houston. I’m here.

Lynn’s slot in the Cactus League rotation continues with Seas, with Seas, Lynn, Lucas Jollito and Mike Clevinger starting in a four-game series in Houston and Michael Kopech in the April 3 home opener. may be the first.

Either way, Cease earned the No. 1 privilege.

“It’s definitely going to be special,” he said. “It’s a big honor.”

And it was the first time the Seas started the second game for the Sox after Jolito started the season opener against the Tigers last season.

“You can’t really recreate that kind of adrenaline,” he said. “It’s always fun to watch your body naturally take things to the next level. I’m getting more experience now to feel a little better in control. So much fun. I think it will come in handy.”

The combination of experience and skills only enhances Cease’s suite of qualifications. Early in his career, in a start like his first play in the league this spring, the Cactus took 11 his runs and against the Royals when he took only two of his outs. , he may have stepped back a bit mentally.

“We’ve come a long way from Kansas City,” Sears sarcastically said Sunday after pitching four innings of one-run balls against a Mariners division team and retiring 10 consecutive hitters. rice field.

“I think I’ll keep climbing, or at least stay here. I’m happy where I am.”

The expedition began with a 30-ball first inning. And he adjusted, said Grifol.

“It was a tremendous challenge for him to throw 30 pitches in the beginning and then go into the game with the mindset of ‘I have to pick up the pace to do what I’m supposed to do,'” Grifol said. Told.

Lynn is still in the lead, but Seeds’ credibility in the clubhouse is growing. Sox hitters are happy not to have to face him.

“Lance is definitely the leader of the staff. He’s the leader of everyone,” said catcher Sevy Zavala. “He comes in, does his job and is straight forward. If you don’t have a job, he’s going to let you know. He races every five days of his life and does his job on his worst day.” It’s a man to finish, it speaks volumes.

“Dylan is growing. He was just in his fourth year last year. It takes time to figure out who he is.”

The Seas reached a point where they were comfortable enough to encourage the home crowd to get up as they went off the field after the inning with a no-hitter against the Twins on September 3, but still so. Not… Lynn’s emotional and demonstrative level.

“I hope to reach that level one day,” Cease said. “Really looking forward to it. My favorite is when he turns and does it [throws an uppercut]It was special too. “

In 32 starts last season, Cease’s 227 strikeouts ranked second in the AL behind Gerrit Cole (257), and his 2.20 ERA was second only to Verlander (1.75). Seasons struck out 12.28 batters per nine innings, a Sox record.

special? No more applied to suspension.


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