West Lawn Toddler’s Mother Dies in Car Accident Demands Justice and Action


Despite the darkness and bitter cold, a group of family and friends march in memory of 3-year-old Mateo Zastro, who died earlier this year.

Mateo was murdered on September 30, just as he had been for the last two months, when a group of friends’ family members were taken to Westlawn Street, police said in what they said was a road rage incident.

At block 4400 of West Marquette Road, on one fateful day, a family of five was riding together when a bullet came from a nearby car and hit a toddler in the head.

Close-knit families shattered forever.

A family friend, Erica Lopez, said, “My friend, she hasn’t been the same since this happened. ‘There are three more left and I wish them well.'”

By marching, Veronica hopes to raise awareness and keep the police and those responsible for her child’s death in the forefront of crime.

The bereaved family is now demanding that the person who pulled the trigger be put in prison and serve time for the crime.

Mateo’s grandmother, Rachel Hermosillo, said, “It’s been long enough for someone to know something.

“I need answers. I want answers before the baby’s birthday,” added Veronica.

Mateo was supposed to turn 4 on December

So far, no one has been detained and the investigation is ongoing.


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Written by Natalia Chi

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