CHICAGO — Founder Irina Ovrutsky let her childhood influence Unicorn World by Lola + The Boys, but her main inspiration has been her three children.

“Ever sine they were little, I like making their unique pieces and styling them,” Ovrutsky said.

The brand was founded in Chicago in 2016 and was solely online.

In 2019, they opened their first store front in Water Town and just last week they opened their second location in River North.

“Now we ship all over the world and it just started out of the house, just an idea,” Ovrutsky said. “I just kept dreaming about it.”

The sparkles and rainbows have put the brand in the spotlight with celebrities and their minis seen rocking the brand.

The brand also carries a boys line.

“I was make stuff for the boys too,” Ovrutsky said.

They also carry moms and their minis.

“It’s fun because it has evolved into something of all ages because the mom want things in their sizes,” Ovrutsky said. “Everybody can wear it.”