Weather like in the tropics. Hot temperatures with thunderstorms in the hot hours


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Rome – Hot temperatures and thunderstorms in the hottest hours. These are the predictions of Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist of the site according to which in the coming days the anticyclone Scipio will become stronger and stronger. Temperatures will start an escalation that will have its peak on Thursday 16 and Friday 17 when in the Center-North it will be possible to reach 35/36 ° C in the shade in Milan and Florence, 34 ° C in Rome, Bologna, Padua, Mantua and 37/38 ° C in the inland areas of Sardinia.

The south, on the other hand, will be slightly cooler, with peaks of 32 ° C. In the next few days, in fact, Scipione will come up from Morocco and will focus on Spain and France, and then fold towards Italy. This dynamic will ensure that the easternmost part of our country and the South will only be caressed by the anticyclone and on the whole central-southern Adriatic belt and the rest of the southern regions, the ventilation from the northern quadrants, which will flow on the eastern edge, will mitigate the great heat. On the other hand, heat storms will occur in the hottest hours, first in the central-eastern Alps (Trentino Alto Adige in the forefront), then also in the central elevations between Abruzzo and Molise and finally, locally, in the southern ones. In detail: – Tuesday 14th. In the north: scattered clouds in the morning, then lots of sun.

In the center: sun, but with some afternoon thunderstorms in the Abruzzo and Lazio mountains. South: sunny. – Wednesday 15. In the north: afternoon thunderstorms in the central-eastern Alps. In the center: sun and heat. South: good weather. – Thursday 16. In the north: sun and maximum heat. Center: mostly sunny. In the south: clear or partly cloudy skies. Trend: Scipione still anticyclone on Italy at least until the whole weekend.


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