Walgreens closure in West Roseland leaves neighborhood without pharmacy for miles

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CHICAGO (WLS) — Residents in West Roseland said their neighborhood is one step closer to becoming a pharmacy desert after the permanent closure of their Walgreens.

Many were left shocked after learning the Far South Side pharmacy would permanently close its doors at the end of business on Nov. 9.

“It’s kind of baffling. This move is so undeserved,” said resident Darryl Coleman.

The Walgreens store at 115th and Halsted is among roughly 150 locations nationwide that the Deerfield-based company announced would close as part of a cost-cutting measure that also includes layoffs of 500 corporate workers.

“I’m saddened, I’m devastated because it’s a way for us in the community to come and get our meds and any toiletries we need for every day,” said resident Vincent Hatter.

According to multiple reports, a spokesperson for Walgreens said company officials looked at several factors before making the difficult decision to close the store.

With the closure of the Walgreens at 115th and Halsted, area residents will now have to travel at least two miles to get to the next-closest Walgreens, like the one at 103rd and Michigan.

The store’s patient pharmacy files will be transferred to a Calumet Park Walgreens at 128th and Ashland. But that’s a problem for 82-year-old resident Jeri Boyd, who doesn’t have a car and walks to the pharmacy to pick up her prescriptions.

“I don’t have on way to get all the way out there,” she said.

The closed store sits in Ald. Ronnie Mosley 21st Ward. In a statement posted on social media, Mosley said he’s frustrated by the news adding in part, “this is the only stand-alone pharmacy in the 21st Ward…This closure has a significant impact on our seniors, youth and those with chronic health conditions.”

Other nearby Walgreens are located at 103rd and Western Avenue, 111th and Kedzie Avenue and 118th and Western Avenue.

The popular retailer becomes the second national chain to leave the South Side community this year. Walmart closed four full service stores in April, including its superstore in Chatham. It’s another hardship for Yvette Burns who recently suffered a stroke and will have one less local healthcare option.

“I’m sorry they chose this store, but that’s life right,” she said.

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