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  • According to Viktor Orbán, in connection with the Russo-Ukrainian war, Hungary’s position was clear from the beginning, “we condemn the Russian attack on the territorial sovereignty of Ukraine, the violation of the Budapest Convention.
  • The armed conflict must end, and the disputes must be settled through negotiation. How this can be achieved is not covered in the letter.
  • The letter on the sanctions against Patriarch Kirill, an unconditional believer in Russian President Vladimir Putin: This opinion was previously known to all Member States “.
  • In adopting the six sanctions packages so far, Hungary has done its utmost to maintain European unity. “We have done this in a way that has made it increasingly difficult to enforce the previously consensual principle that the sanctions imposed should not do us more harm than good.”
  • Viktor Orbán spoke about the debate around unanimity and majority voting: in his view, since the Treaty requires the European Council to act unanimously, the veto is conceptually incomprehensible, without which no decision can be taken.
  • Just as Members of the European Parliament cannot determine how Members vote in the European Parliament, so vice versa.

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