Video of Paul Pelosi attack released, showing suspect swinging hammer at him


Video and audio of the October violent attack on then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, were released Friday.

The footage was released after San Francisco Superior Court Judge Stephen M. Murphy ruled that there was no reason to keep the footage secret. Prosecutors played it out in open court at a preliminary hearing last month.

The video shows police approaching the house and knocking on the front door. Seconds later, the front door opens to reveal a second man, later identified as David DePape, and Pelosi standing, both DePape and his Pelosi holding hammers.

Paul Pelosi and suspect David DePape caught on police bodycam video
David DePape (left) and Paul Pelosi are seen wrestling hammers at Pelosi’s mansion in San Francisco on Oct. 28, 2022 in this screengrab from police bodycam video.

San Francisco Superior Court

The police exchanged a few words with the men, saw the hammer and told them to drop their weapons.

“Um, no,” replied Depapu, pulling the hammer away and swinging it at Pelosi.

The police then run into the house and separate DePappe from Pelosi, who remains on the floor. Police are heard calling for backup while handcuffing the suspect.

Pelosi, 82, suffered a fractured skull and injuries to her arm and hand and underwent surgery after an early morning attack at the couple’s San Francisco home. demanded to know where the congressman wasPaul Pelosi was able to call 911.

San Francisco Police Chief William Scott said in October that officers saw Pelosi and the suspect with hammers. “The suspect took the hammer away from Mr Pelosi and violently attacked him with it.”

Excerpts of security footage from cameras outside Pelosi’s home were also released by the court on Friday. It is shown hitting the window with a hammer and climbing.

Authorities said DePap intended to kidnap Nancy Pelosi and told officers “I want to break her kneecap.” She announced the following month that she was stepping down as leader of the Democratic Party, but she remained in Congress.

The congressman said Friday that her husband continues to make progress.

“I haven’t heard a 911 call. I haven’t heard a confession. I haven’t seen a break-in. I certainly don’t want to see my husband’s life threatened.”

DePape has pleaded not guilty to six counts, including attempted murder, burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, abuse of the elderly, wrongful imprisonment of the elderly, and threatening public officials and their families.

According to court records San Francisco police “collected zip ties in Pelosi’s bedroom and in the hallway near the front door of the Pelosi residence” and found “a roll of tape, a white rope, a hammer, a pair of rubber and cloth gloves, and a journal.” . in his backpack.

News outlets, including CBS News, searched for material played in court, including audio of Pelosi’s 911 call, police body camera footage, surveillance footage, and clips of police interviews. ABC, NBC, Fox, The Washington Post, The New York Times and others joined the call. The Associated Press reported,

San Francisco deputy public defender Adam Lipson, who represented David DePape, said he thought it was a “terrible mistake” to release the video and other evidence of the incident.

“This video is inflammatory and may encourage unsubstantiated theories about this incident,” Lipson said in a statement. I will,” he said.

“It is a difficult matter to appeal the release of this evidence because of the damages incurred. However, we are considering our options in this case and will provide Mr. Depapu with the strong defense to which he is entitled. I plan to keep doing it.”


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