Video: Michigan volunteers remove Halloween bucket stuck on deer’s head for ‘2 weeks’


A neighborhood group in Lansing, Michigan, on Sunday successfully removed a Halloween bucket from the head of a deer, which media reports had been stuck on the animal for weeks.

The local media, citing witnesses, reported a young deer had been roaming Lansing with the plastic candy bucket on his head for two weeks.

Video recorded by South Lyon Murphy Lost Pet Recovery on January 22, it shows a net falling on the deer (named Lucky) before volunteers hold the animal down and release the bucket. The deer is then released into the wild.

“Lucky has been released from his pumpkin prison,” the relief group wrote in a Facebook post, adding: “On Halloween, remind people who go trick-or-treating to cut off their doorknobs. We can stop that. Deer are so curious , as all of life is. We are stewards of nature and we can all do a better job.”

According to local media reports, the group helped solve a similar situation in the Detroit area in December.

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“This has been an amazing recovery. I’m honored,” the rescue continued. “Everyone worked like a well oiled machine, and in less than three minutes we were able to successfully catch him, cut the bucket, untangle him and then release him safely.”

This story was reported from Los Angeles. Storyful contributed..


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