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If you haven’t heard of yet V Rising there’s nothing bad. In fact it is a Access Anticipated currently only available on PC. As a further obstacle, the Italian localization is also completely absent, thus taking it away from the radar of part of the gaming user. So why are we suggesting you consider it? In recent days we have tested it for several hours on Lenovo Legion 5 Pro, one of the reference gaming laptops of recent months. The requirements are not so demanding, but to play it to the maximum and perhaps not in full HD, the hardware available to the Legion 5 Pro has been of help. But let’s see exactly what V Rising is and why it was purchased by more than one and a half million players on Steam.

Novelli Dracula

In V Rising the player plays a vampire. From the first images and gameplay footage, you might be led to think you are in front of a kind of Diablo in which, in fact, you step into the shoes of a new Dracula, but that’s not exactly the case. V Rising exploits typical dynamics of survivalof the open worldof the management and, more than anything else, gods sandbox. Taking the first steps in the game developed by Stunlock Studios we realize how our vampire is anything but an immortal with immense powers. The power, the typical abilities of the vampires and above all the respect of the living creatures that roam the open game world will go earn over time, with sweat and a lot of effort. To do this, you will have to collect resources, build a settlement that will gradually become a castle, hunt for increasingly coveted prey, improve your equipment and, gradually, also subjugate the minds of humans to create new and faithful servants.

There are though other possible, big obstacles which are added to the absence of the Italian localization and its being in early access. V Rising takes a long time and above all a lot, a lot of patience. And in all of this the game would be structured to give its best in multiplayer. There are server officerswith a limit of 40 players, and servers created ad-hoc by playerswhich can be structured to have PVE or PVP dynamics. The problem is that neither scenario turns out to be friendly to new players. There are those who also complain about it in the Steam reviews, and we feel we can fully agree with them. If you enter an unofficial server, it is very likely that it will be abandoned or even shut down soon. If you enter one of the official ones, it is possible that you will find them already full of buildings or that, in the case of PVP servers, there are players lurking with the sole purpose of making your life hell. All features that do not go well with the time requirement of the game and with the patience it takes to be able to carry on your vampire.

In summary then, we told you that V Rising is not translated into Italian, it is an Early Access that could change over time and has an unstable multiplayer component that could potentially make you lose your patience in no time. The same question arises again as before: and why the hell are we suggesting it to you then? Why removed these characteristics, V Rising can be fascinating and different from usual. On the online component it is easily possible to create a private server in which to play alone, learn the dynamics and maybe apply them in the future on online servers. In this regard, the best thing would be to find one or two friends and play them on ad-hoc servers, actively collaborating thanks to specific skills that serve to make group play even more immersive (such as showing the neck to donate your own blood).

Putting aside the online aspect as well, what remains is a real one “vampire simulator”. As a good creature of the night, we will therefore have to make sure of always have a good supply of blood sucking it from our victims at the right time. Not all blood is the same though: depending on the creature you feed on, and depending on the purity of its blood, you can unlock upgrades and temporal improvements. The blood is then used to heal itself, and consequently the most precious one you have been able to feed still has an expiration date. Obviously being vampires you will have to escape from the sunlight. Movement mechanics are then triggered through the game environments that take into account the shadows, through which it is safe to move, the buildings indoors and even the orientation of the Sun, which could lead you to certain death if you remain still in a point that before it was in shadow. Slowly our vampire will learn to use new powers linked to certain spheres of influence, such as Shadow, Blood, Ice or the like. By hunting specific prey you will also learn how to turn into animalslike wolves, bears and bats, becoming more and more versatile (and cheeky).

However, our power does not grow thanks to the acquisition of particular objects or through the experience accumulated by killing opponents. From this point of view V Rising is very little Action RPG and very survival. The objects we carry, almost all to be precise, are made with our own hands. If we can create something it is because we have learned it by progressing through the game mechanics. If we learn specific skills and recipes it is because we are able to defeat certain enemies mastering the tools at our disposal (sometimes limited), and not “farming” weak monsters or by accumulating objects thanks to fortuitous finds. He is in all respects a Survival then, and as such he can also be cruel.

In all of this there are also the mechanics of building your own castle. As a good self-respecting vampire, even the one we created needs a shelter and a safe bed. The dynamics of construction and its evolution are managed superbly: the editor is not at all frustrating, which is not to be taken for granted in this kind of titles, and putting up a structure that is not elementary and sketchy is within everyone’s reach. Provided we dedicate a lot of time to it, not so much in the editing phase, but more in the accumulation of materials. When you think you’ve come a long way, new recipes, new materials, and new targets will pop up to eliminate in order to gain key knowledge. The game feeds itself, making sure that no activity is really boring. As you progress with the construction of the castle you will also unlock the ability to bewitch humans and make them your devoted servants. Continuing further you will have the opportunity to command them from the throne of your castle, and so on towards ever new and increasingly immersive mechanics. Really interesting also the combat systemwhich, as mentioned, is not based on very powerful objects and skills but which also requires a fair amount of skill from the player. It turns out to be all very physical, with the exploitation of environments, with manually avoiding incoming attacks and with the calculation of the exact time to bring attacks that do not lead to receiving more damage than it takes. It almost seems to speak of a souls-like! A combat system like this is also suitable for players who are passionate about PVP: yes, the equipment and the unlocked powers count, but also the player’s skill is a determining factor for victory in certain contexts.

Graphically, V Rising can be surprising, with environments rich in details and also particularly interactive, since in fact a lot of objects can be destroyed to obtain material. Also not bad are the three-dimensional models of characters and enemies, which boast a particular and original style. The only point you might have to complain about is the animation of your vampire, which follows the mouse cursor in a somewhat unnatural way, but this is a factor that could also be corrected between now and the release of the stable version. of the game. Returning to the other two defects, as regards the absence of the Italian language it can also be postponed. The names of the objects are in English, but it is not a game that is based on dialogue or long texts to read. As for instead the online component, we have already given you several tips on this. The alternatives are to start from a private server alone, in order to calmly develop your own castle without the risk of looting or eliminating the server, or to do it in the company of trusted people, in order to avoid any toxic behavior of people who do not have nothing better to do during the day.

Something different than usual

Have we intrigued you at all? In summary, V Rising offers you the ability to simulate the growth of a vampire with mechanics related to the construction of your own castle, a survival gameplay that offers you the advantages and disadvantages of being a bloodsucker, and the possibility of dealing with everything in company (perhaps in a controlled server). Everything is immersed in a three-dimensional context that will put you in difficulty but also give you a lot of satisfaction, considering that how much you will be able to accumulate will depend solely on your ability. And you still don’t know the most important detail: as early access is very cheap, only $ 19.99.

V Rising on Steam

Some have compared it to a cross between Valheim, Rust and Diablo, and in fact it is not difficult to blame him. The hope is that he doesn’t fall into oblivion quickly, because he really doesn’t deserve it. If you can’t believe our words, check out the nearly 30,000 positive reviews on Steam!

V Rising – Game Screenshot

V Rising – Game Screenshot


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