Ukraine, under a new dramatic risk


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The epicenter of this new concern is Mariupol, one of the cities martyrs of the conflict. Here’s what’s going on

A new epidemic. With the world that, yet, has not awakened from the Covid nightmare, now comes a new alarm. And, this time, the new evil could come from Ukraine, which has been at war for over 100 days.

Ukraine at war (web source)

In fact, it was February 24 when Vladimir Putin’s Russia decided to invade the neighboring state. Initially to annex regions such as Donbass and Crimea. But the time passed quickly. Winter is over and spring has begun. And today, after more than 100 days of conflict, the situation seems to be in a stalemate that could make the war last for some time.

All of this is leading to a series of very serious consequences. We have all seen images of the devastation caused by the fighting. Of the deaths, including of civilians, of the humanitarian emergency, which is turning into new migratory flows.

But that’s not enough. The economic consequences are enormous. For now, the United States and Europe have reacted to Putin with economic sanctions, which do hit Russia, but which have repercussions above all on the Old Continent. From the energy crisis to the oil crisis, also passing through the food crisis, with the grain emergency. Now, however, a new dramatic risk comes from Ukraine. And this time it’s a health risk.

The epidemic that starts in Ukraine

The epicenter of this new concern is Mariupol, one of the cities martyrs of the conflict, where civilians have been killed and theaters destroyed. Mariupol is on the verge of an “explosive” cholera epidemic: it is “literally drowning” in the waters contaminated by waste and by the decomposition of improvised burials, aggravated by the arrival of heat.

This was stated by the deputy mayor of the Ukrainian city Sergei Orlovio, underlining – according to some Ukrainian sites – that the Russian occupation forces have placed the city in quarantine.

In Mariupol there is fear of a cholera epidemic due to contaminated water and not buried corpses. The water is contaminated with waste and decaying bodies. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also raised the alarm on the risk of cholera. What will happen then?

“I would say that this is a situation to be monitored, there is still no real emergency situation. It is a reported problem in Ukraine, due to the difficulties of water supply and the functioning of the sewers due to the bombing. There are no problems for refugees welcomed in our country ”says Susanna Esposito, Full Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Parma and President of the World Association for Infectious Diseases and Immunological Disorders (WAidid).

Ukraine at war (web source) 9.6.2022 directnewsUkraine at war (web source)

But there is no doubt that a new dramatic epidemic is being feared. How does cholera manifest itself? After a short 2-3 day incubation, with intense diarrhea, there is often vomiting which aggravates the state of dehydration. In case of diarrhea, coproculture is the examination that allows to make the diagnosis. Therapy is based on rehydration and the use of antibiotics.

How to stop this new emergency in the bud? According to the experts interviewed, for working volunteers in Poland or in other border areas vaccination against cholera is recommended, which is done orally with two doses administered 1-6 weeks apart.


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