U.S. Capitol rioter made suicidal comments before crash that killed Skokie woman


A Downstate man blamed the January 6 storming of the United States Capitol may have attempted to end his life when he caused an accident on the wrong way on Interstate 55 killed a 35-year-old Skokie womanaccording to a police report on the incident.

The report offers new details on Shane Woods’ state of mind moments before the Nov. 8 incident, and indicates he was concerned about spending significant time in prison for his actions in the Capitol riot. In September he pleaded guilty to assaulting the United States Capitol and assaulting and resisting a federal official.

Woods, 44, told the Divernon police officer she had initially pulled him over for speeding on the highway at around 7:15 p.m. on his way to a motel after being kicked out of his house, the police report said. The officer noticed the smell of alcohol on Woods’ breath.

When the officer told Woods he would be fined for speeding, Woods replied that he wouldn’t pay it anyway because he would be going to jail for 10 years and “he wasn’t serving jail time because he was going to kill himself,” according to the report.


Woods also told the officer that he was “worth more dead than alive and that his children would be fine,” according to the report. The officer pleaded with Woods, telling him he probably shouldn’t have spent so much time in jail and asking him not to leave the scene.

The officer returned to his patrol car to contact his sergeant for assistance, Woods drove off and used the off-ramp at mileage 88 to enter the southbound lanes of northbound I-55. His GMC Sierra then crashed into Lauren Wegner’s Mercury Sable and a Toyota Corolla driven by a 61-year-old Granite City man, police said. Wegner was pronounced dead at the scene.

Woods, of Auburn, faces first-degree murder in Wegner’s death. He is also charged with aggravated drunk driving and aggravated absconding.

The Granite City man and his passenger, a 54-year-old woman, sustained injuries that were not considered life threatening.

The officer located Woods’ vehicle after the crash, the report said. Woods was covered in blood and his cell phone showed the word “MOM” on the screen. As Woods was removed from the vehicle, the officer held up his cell phone. Then, an “unidentified white male” approached the scene and said to Woods, “I’m here, bro,” before taking his cell phone from the officer.


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Written by Natalia Chi

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