Two hundred homes are being built in America using a 3D printer


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A small town in Virginia is preparing to break a world record after entrusting house building to 3D printers to save money and time.

The mayor of Pulaski, Virginia, approached a company called Alquist 3D to work together to build 3D-print homes in the city. By now, the idea has become the world’s largest 3D printing project, writes a Business Insider.

The technology of 3D printing is already at the level of development that it can be used to draw habitats suitable for housing almost anywhere, the paper writes. In Texas, for example, the accommodation of soldiers awaiting training was solved by raising military bases as well as barracks in this way. There is also a street in the state where only 3D-printed houses will line up.

These were the biggest projects of its kind in the world to date, but even beyond that are the 3D businesses of Pulaski and Alquist, there, with the help of a 19-ton robot printer, 200 such houses will be built in the next five years.

The foundations of the houses will be designed using a computer program. The 19-ton machine, then called Nexcon 3D, begins to blow the concrete out of its nozzle and then layers it.

According to Alquist’s calculations, the total cost of building the houses could be $ 350,000 (or about $ 133 million). The explanation for this is that the work can be done faster and with less effort. However, the electrical installation, construction of the plumbing system and the placement of the windows are still carried out by meat-and-blood workers.

The exact location of the apartments is not yet known, because the company has not yet designated the building plot.


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