TV channels that can be seen at chess? The trick to get around this problem is there and it’s very simple


(Chicago Popular) — – Welcome to the Chicago News. The subject of this news is TV channels that can be seen at chess? The trick to get around this problem is there and it’s very simple
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Digital TV is as fantastic as it is problematic in some ways especially when the channel suddenly becomes checkered and drives everyone crazy, young and old. The switch off to digital terrestrial causes debate for the problems it is causing but can be solved with a trick.

The new TV system is scheduled for January 2023, the date on which the Switch-off will take place; it all started on 15 October 2021 with a gradual voluntary change by the television channels. This period we are experiencing, however, is the most uncomfortable one as regards the new tuning of the channels. There are systems that can help us overcome this obstacle with small tricks.

No TV signal (Web source). In order to overcome these drawbacks of channels that skip or are seen at chess, the internet helps us. There are sites that provide us with the location of the repeaters that are close to our home in order to direct the antenna to receive an optimal signal.

It all depends on the geographical location. In these sites, just enter our region and the province of residence to access a map that will provide us with the data of the operator, area, municipality where the repeater is positioned in order to hook up the signal.

But there is a simpler system that we can all try that will help us solve any problem with our TV signal: Google Maps, an application that we all know and use frequently. So once we have identified the data, (mentioned above), which are closest to our area of ​​residence, we paste them on the map; the ones to consider are Latitude And Longitude.

The coordinates will be entered on the digital map in the appropriate search fields dividing them with a comma. At this point we will click “near”And Google Maps will report a repeater placeholder.

A suggestion is to print the map, that of Google Maps is oriented towards the North. Subsequently, checks will be made on the orientation of the repeater for moving our antenna in order to better capture the signal.

For example, if the repeater points 90 ° North or East, the antenna will be positioned towards that direction. This application will finally allow us to overcome the problems of squared channels.


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