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The public service program for missing persons, Who saw it? Is back again this week: what we will talk about tonight.

The appointment with Who has seen? and Federica Sciarelli. The presenter continues her work tirelessly to help the Italian population in the search for missing loved ones. Often cases of disappearances remain unsolved and sometimes lead to tragic outcomes, but there are also situations that, thanks to the help of the program, end with a happy ending.

That of the program Rai Tre it is a very useful public service and is experienced by the host and her editorial staff as a real rescue mission for those in need. For some time now, insights have been added to the reports with which attempts are made to find missing persons regarding the most mysterious cold cases and the news stories that affect public opinion the most.

Who has seen it ?, the advances of today 15 June 2022

Today’s episode will mainly focus on the dramatic case of Elena, the 5-year-old girl killed in recent days in Mascalucia, a village on the slopes of Etna in the province of Catania. The disappearance of her little girl had been reported on Monday by the child’s mother, who had told investigators about hooded men who had pointed guns at her and kidnapped her daughter.

From the first moment the dynamics told by the woman appeared strange to the investigators, and the prosecutor Zuccaro he had ruled out kidnapping for ransom purposes: they were thinking of a family settling of scores or in any case a family feud that ended badly. What was not convincing, however, was also the story of the woman, which is why the 24-year-old was detained at the Carabinieri barracks for a long interrogation that went on all night.

Eventually the girl’s mother collapsed and admitted killing and burying her daughter. Yesterday morning you provided details of the little girl’s burial place Carabinieri they found his body. In today’s episode we will talk about what happened, but also about the reasons that led the young mother to make that terrible gesture.

In a second moment we will return to talk about the double murder of Benno Neumair. During the trial, in fact, the psychologist on the plaintiff said: “Benno Neumair perfectly capable of understanding and willing. He has a narcissistic personality disorder but he was lucid when he killed his parents ”. For the experts of the magistrate instead he would have been unable to understand when he killed his mother, but not when he killed his mother: the woman was killed for them in a moment of lucidity, to hide the traces of the first murder.

Clearly in the episode there will be space for reports regarding missing persons in these hours and there will be space for any reports live until midnight. Certainly we will talk about the disappearance of Cinzia, a woman last seen on June 9th near her house in Collegno.


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