Trump Voluntarily Drops Another Lawsuit Against New York Attorney General Letitia James


Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday dropped a federal lawsuit against New York Attorney General Letitia James for the second time in five days.

Trump has voluntarily withdrawn an appeal from a May 2022 New York federal judge’s ruling dismissing the case against James. To with trump his company.

“This appeal has been voluntarily withdrawn for strategic purposes,” attorney Alina Habba said through a spokesperson on Tuesday.

On Friday, Trump also dropped a similar claim filed in Florida after James. The office sued him, his three children, and his company. $250 millionclaiming a long-standing pattern of fraudulent activity.

Both lawsuits were filed by Habba and dropped. She and Trump were jointly ordered to pay nearly $1 million by a federal judge in Florida on Thursday. ‘Completely baseless’ lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton and others.

U.S. District Court Judge Donald M. Middlebrooks has concluded that Trump undermined the “rule of law” in a series of lawsuits filed to express his political grievances. He ordered Trump and Alina Habba to pay Clinton and other defendants $937,989.39.

Middlebrooks was also the judge assigned to one of Trump’s cases against James. Middlebrooks called Trump “a mastermind in the strategic abuse of the judicial process.”

Trump’s lawsuit against Clinton dismissed by Middlebrooks in September. The lawsuit alleged that Clinton, former FBI Director James Comey, and other officials conspired to undermine Trump and his 2016 presidential campaign through allegations of collusion with Russia.

The December 2021 lawsuit, filed in federal court in upstate New York, alleged that James’ office was conducting a politically motivated investigation. He called her investigation “unconstitutional.”

U.S. District Court Judge Brenda Sandnes wrote in her May 2022 dismissal that Trump failed to prove that claim.

“I am delighted that Donald Trump has withdrawn both of his pending lawsuits against my office,” James said in a statement.

“As we’ve shown all along, we have legitimate lawsuits against him and his organization. We cannot be bullied or dissuaded from pursuing it.” .


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