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Trellix Predicts Heightened Hacktivism and Geopolitical Cyberattacks in 2023


SAN JOSE, Calif.–()–Trellix, the cybersecurity company delivering the future of extended detection and response (XDR), today released its 2023 annual threat forecast report. Trellix Advanced Research Center anticipate spikes in geopolitically motivated attacks in Asia and Europe, hacktivism fueled by tensions from opposing political parties, and vulnerabilities in key software supply chains.

“Analyzing current trends is necessary, but being predictive in cybersecurity is vital. As organizations focus on short-term threats, we advise everyone to look beyond the horizon to ensure they are proactive,” said John Fokker, Head of Threat Intelligence, Trellix. “Global political events and the adoption of new technologies will generate new threats from more innovative threat actors.”

The Trellix Advanced Research Center brings together hundreds of the world’s most qualified security analysts and researchers to serve the global threat intelligence community and organizations with the latest threat indicators and insights gathered from Trellix’s vast sensor network.

The Trellix Advanced Research Center predicts the following threats in 2023:

  • Geopolitics and conflict of the gray area. Geopolitical factors will continue to be a strong motivator for disinformation campaigns and cyberattacks synchronized with kinetic military activity.
  • Hacktivism takes center stage. As loosely organized groups of individuals fueled by propaganda align for a common cause, they will increase their use of computer tools to express their anger and cause worldwide disruption.
  • The skeletons in the software closet will multiply. Threat actors and security researchers alike will intensify their study of the underlying software frameworks and libraries, leading to an increase in breaches related to software supply chain issues.
  • Increased activity by teenage cybercriminals. Teens and young adults will be involved in increasing levels of cybercrime, from large-scale attacks on businesses and governments to low-level crimes targeting family, friends, colleagues and strangers.
  • Decreased accuracy of code-based attribution. The outsourcing of malware creation and operation, the diversification of malware development, and the use of leaked source code will make it increasingly difficult to attribute cyber threats to specific threat actors.
  • Imminent global cyber threat to critical infrastructure as cyber warfare evolves. A significant increase in advanced cyber actors causing disruption of critical infrastructure in vulnerable targets will be observed.
  • With more collaboration comes more phishing. Weaponized phishing attacks will increase in commonly used business communication services and apps, such as Microsoft Teams, Slack and others.
  • “Alexa, start mining bitcoin.” The advanced features of consumer and enterprise IoT devices will be exploited by hackers to mine cryptocurrencies.
  • Space hacking – only climb from here. The compromise of satellites and other space assets will increase and become more public in 2023.
  • Here’s my number, so call me, maybe. There will be a huge leap forward in reverse vishing, or voice phishing attacks, with less tech-savvy users as the primary target.
  • Attacks against the Windows domain will be scaled up. More domain privilege escalation vulnerabilities and more real-world attacks against Microsoft Windows will be discovered with the explicit goal of a complete network takeover.

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