Travelers choose rail again as Amtrak expands options


In a post-pandemic world, while many travelers are obsessed with airlines, stop on the ground and Cancel Amtrak passenger numbers have more than doubled in the Northeast Corridor and have recovered to over 88% nationwide. At the same time, Amtrak was beefing up its long-distance service with trains such as Empire Builder, Zephyr, Sunset Limited, Southern Crescent, Southwest He Chief, and Coast Starlight.

And while the country still doesn’t have true high-speed rail, perhaps it doesn’t, there are some improvements in service. Because Amtrak doesn’t own the tracks. Freight lines are, and high-speed rail is of no interest.

This may also explain why Amtrak does not keep accurate records of on-time service. That’s because Amtrak trains often have to stop on sidings to let 100-car freight trains pass.

At the same time, Congress has never adequately funded Amtrak to allow it to grow, upgrade, and reinvest profits in its products.

Amtrak has also brought back dining cars. But more importantly, Amtrak has announced significant upgrades to its fleet. The new Amtrak Airo trains, with more spacious interiors and state-of-the-art equipment, will be rolling out nationwide in about three years. More table seating, more legroom, and more space for all your electronics.

Until then, we have good news for you. Amtrak doesn’t advertise much and most passengers don’t know about it, but Amtrak actually sells rail passes in the U.S. For just $499, Amtrak gives him up to 10 rides for 30 days. can. Children under 12 can ride for $250.

And with several European countries launching new fast routes in the past few months, especially in Spain, travelers now have new options: Competition among railway companies and falling prices — Train travel in Europe is becoming an increasingly attractive option.

A Eurail Pass has never been cheaper. Expanding from the original 13 countries, train travel is now available in 33 European countries with fares starting at $218. One Eurail pass for $473 gives you two months of rail travel.

One caveat: You must purchase a Eurail Pass in conjunction with a round-trip ticket from the US to Europe. It cannot be purchased after arrival. Additionally, you can get a Eurail Pass valid for 3 months.


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Written by Natalia Chi

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