Toto Cutugno, the news about his health that worries fans: how is he really


(Chicago Popular) — – Welcome to the Chicago News. The subject of this news is Toto Cutugno, the news about his health that worries fans: how is he really
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There are little reassuring rumors about Toto Cutugno, a singer-songwriter perhaps little known to the youngest, but who has marked the history of Italian pop music in his own way. Here’s what we know.

In the footsteps of Toto Cutugno. The Sicilian singer has been away from the scene for some time: his latest TV interview, released to Silvia Toffanin in the living room of very truedates back to 2020. The year before we had seen it from Amadeus a Now or never: in the role of coach he had highlighted all his talent and experience. Then, also thanks to the pandemic, the artist thinned out his public commitments in Italy and abroad. But there might be something else behind it.

The truth about Toto Cutugno’s state of health

According to well-informed sources, Toto Cutugno is not going through an easy time. The composer Franco Fasano confirmed it to the microphones of Today is another day by Serena Bortone. The musician has collaborated several times with the 78-year-old Sicilian: together they wrote a cult song like I lovesung by Fausto Leali, and still keep in touch today.

“Toto went through a difficult period in his life. But we still feel ”, Franco Fasano said speaking live on Rai Uno. But aside from that, he didn’t want to reveal any more details about his colleague.

The last social message of Toto Cutugno dates back to Easter this year: the singer-songwriter wanted to send his best wishes to all the fans and supporters. The hope of the latter is that now the person concerned will now break the silence to definitively clarify his health conditions and reassure everyone.

Only last year, among other things, there was talk in the gossip newspapers of the possibility of seeing Toto Cutugno in one one man show celebratory on Rai Uno, but apparently the project jumped to make way for other ideas. And many of you will remember that in 2009 the artist discovered that he had cancer of the prostrate: a serious health problem that he was able to overcome only thanks to the support of his family and closest friends, starting with Albano Carrisi.

On the advice of the singer from Cellino San Marco, in fact, the Toto Nazionale underwent a thorough examination and this is how he discovered he had cancer. Fortunately, he was immediately operated on, albeit with no small consequences: today he no longer has his right kidney and is unable to stand for long.


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