Top of the Morning, Sept. 14, 2023

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What went on during Champaign High’s Class of 1963 reunion last weekend?

We’ll never know.

“Stories told at reunions stay at reunions,” SANDY (Smith) Peirce said. But, she assures, “all curfews were observed.”

About 50 fun-loving and loyal Maroons — “townies and travelers,” Nancy Williams said — chopped it up at Jupiter’s at the Crossing, some coming in from as far away as California (Peirce and her husband/classmate John), Washington, Virginia and Florida. Six more classmates phoned in to say hi and reminisce, and another mailed “cards with beautiful collages of her photography.”

“We always enjoy seeing each other and rekindling friendships, sharing memories,” Williams said.

The class holds reunions every five years with solid turnouts each time — Saturday included.

“For a bunch of 78-year-olds who are 60 years out of high school,” Peirce said, “we did pretty well.”

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