ALTON, Ill. – Nestled on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River, Alton has a rich history and a reputation for being one of the most haunted towns in America.

This eerie distinction has even attracted the attention of the popular TV show “Ghost Adventures,” which explored the enigmatic Mineral Springs Hotel. In fact, Alton holds the 10th spot on the list of the most haunted towns in America, according to

While the Mineral Springs Hotel is famous for its haunting, Alton has more to offer in the realm of the supernatural. Here are some of the top haunted locations in Alton:

  • McPike Mansion
  • First Unitarian Church
  • Milton School
  • Alton City Cemetery
  • Old Alton Penitentiary
  • Enos Sanitarium

Alton has fully embraced its haunted heritage, and visitors have the opportunity to explore it through various haunted tours. Alton Odyssey Tours, established in 1992 by local psychics Antoinette and Marlene Lewis, offer an array of experiences for ghost enthusiasts. These tours include Trolley Ghost Tours, a Haunted Beer Walk in partnership with Old Bakery Beer, and Haunted Walking Tours.

For those who wish to delve deeper into Alton’s supernatural history, there’s the Alton Haunting Tours, inspired by Troy Taylor’s book “Haunted Alton.” This three-hour walking tour is tailored to those familiar with the book who are eager to uncover more ghost stories, local folklore, and officially documented haunted locations.