The war of doubts and amazement


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by Rita Venturelli
The certain aspects of the current conflict are that there is an aggressor, Putin, a compact Europe, in the wake of America, a people suffering, due to so much destruction and so many lives lost, heavy sanctions to weaken the aggressor state which, of course, do damage to Russia but also to us Europeans, Italians (who were already worse off than others). However, there are many doubts about the real reasons for the conflict. Who Putin is, more or less, I know, while Zelensky is not clear to me who he really is. I fear the arrogance of the wolf, but also that of those who wear lambskin; I have doubts about the humanitarian candor of America and its satellite states and, above all, about the need to feed the war with the roar of the war apparatuses, rather than having it extinguished, in the bud (or even before!), with the power of confrontation and diplomacy. Are we sure that the situation does not get out of hand to the architects of the conflict? Was it really necessary to push the war to the destruction of a country, with an enormous waste of resources and money? And I was deluding myself that the men of the 2000s and the States, at least those considered more advanced, could collaborate to solve poverty, hunger, social injustices spread throughout the world !! I am disappointed, amazed that war is being chosen as the first problem solving tool. It amazes me that we have not yet learned that wars, all wars, carry with them ‘cruelty’ and atrocities of all kinds! May the tightening of relationships, even verbal ones, feed distances and do not promote peace! Strangely enough, in the various reports, the voice of a refugee or a Ukrainian in favor of ending the conflict has never been heard !! Is it not reported or, perhaps, they cannot express themselves in this sense? I am perplexed by the attempt to convince us that Putin had imperialist aims that went far beyond the “buffer” regions of Ukraine and that he could represent a danger for Europe itself. Now, then, with the blockage of wheat, there is a risk of starving, even more, the peoples who already suffer from a lack of necessary goods and from the many (forgotten) wars and who, trying to escape their state of misery , they will pour, even more. on our shores. And we, directly interested, and the other European states will be willing to welcome them, in a fair and solidary way, as has been done with the Ukrainians? And our poor, those who live in caravans or in dilapidated houses will be even more forgotten? I am amazed that our state, which in the Constitution, repudiates war, has been able to send powerful weapons, which do nothing but feed the conflict. Only future history will be able to give the true answers!


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Written by Natalia Chi

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