the truth about Massimo Bossetti that no one knew


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A truth that no one knew about the history of the brutal murder of Yara Gambirasio, in particular about the identity of Massimo Bossetti.

The crime of Yara Gambirasio It was a real shock for the whole of Italy: the idea that this brilliant, serene and carefree little girl had never returned home only to be found again brutally killed in the area of Brembate di Sopra it had plunged into terror and anxiety so many mothers and fathers, worried about the safety of their sons and daughters.

The sole culprit of the murder was singled out in Massimo Bossettisentenced to life imprisonment on 12 October 2018. The motive for the brutal assault appears to be an attack on sexual purpose by the bricklayer originally from Mapello. But a well-known geneticist has revealed an unprecedented truth that no one knew, precisely about the murderer of Yara. Let’s find out more.

Murder Yara Gambirasio: geneticist talks about Bossetti

Find the killer of the little girl Yara Gambirasio had not been easy for the police: the search for “unknown 1“Has engaged the carabinieri and the police at national level for many months until, thanks to the positive results of the DNA test, the name of Massimo Bossetti, ultimately sentenced to serve a life sentence in October just four years ago. But he was a geneticist forensic and lecturer at the University of Tor Vergata, Emiliano Giardinato have revealed some valuable information about Bossetti.

The geneticist revealed in an interview with Quotidiano Nazionale how the name and identity of Bossetti came about through the traces of DNA that the man left on the girl’s undergarments. In fact, traces of Bossetti’s DNA were found on Yara’s panties and this indicates a intimate contact between two. However, as Giardina specifies, this is not enough to indicate the man’s guilt. But Giardina also explains how difficult it is that a judicial error has been committed in all three levels of judgment and that it is therefore difficult to be able to exonerate Bossetti.

Giardina is a real luminary of DNA research and he has in fact also been asked something about crime of Via Poma, one of the best known cold houses in the history of the Italian crime report. Regarding via Poma, Giardina declared that she had the desire to solve it but that she could not do it because she attended Raniero Busco, Simonetta Cesaroni’s ex boyfriend. At the moment the geneticist is working instead to find the killer of Nada Cella.

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