The next top cops matter, but supervisors make the difference in policing


Since the Chicago Police Department. David Brown has announced his retirement. I have read many opinions that he needs a replacement.

But while experts are busy identifying who would make a good Chicago Police Department leader, I haven’t heard anything about the most important aspect of police leadership. Everyday decisions made by police officers.

No doubt the top police set the policy, but experience shows that it is the actual supervisors that matter. In policing, the lowest level members of the organization make the most important decisions. For example, when to use lethal force, to arrest, to stop, not to stop, and the appropriate amount of force to arrest. These decisions are reflected across the chain of command, not below. A failure may appear in the heading if the lower ranks are not running regardless of the policy.

When looking at the numerous misconduct by Chicago cops over the years, one theme always stands out. Look at the director Ultimately, that’s the most important aspect.

Bob Angone, former Chicago Police Lieutenant, Austin, Texas

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don’t participate in our elections

Politicians such as Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts), along with Rep. Jim Cliburn (DS.C.), are complicit in the Chicago mayoral race. Why? Nobody lives here. They don’t understand how the Chicago government operates. I doubt they’ve even met Brandon Johnson. They like his overly progressive politics.

They should stay away from Chicago’s complicated local politics. We Chicagoans can think for ourselves.

I don’t like Paul Vallas’ proposal either. I don’t trust him either. Mayor has two rotten choices!

Mary Giniriat, Lincoln Park

Elderly people need help shoveling snow

I am 88 years old and unable to help with snow removal every winter.

I tried to hire someone, I called the 41st District Alderman, but I couldn’t get any help. I used to always clear the sidewalks, but I can’t do this anymore. Any help from a city authorized to help those unable to do this would be greatly appreciated.

I agree with the author of the letter, John Loverant, that the streets of Norwood Park are in dire need of resurfacing.

This is an area where many elderly people have lived, so please help us.

Diane Autenreese, Chicago

Thorough enforcement of snow removal rules

The article reporting the idea that city hall should shovel everyone’s sidewalks omits one important detail. Take taxes from the rich? Where do hundreds of snowplows suddenly come from after a storm?

Focus on improving compliance when current laws are not enforced. My condo association has him clearing 5 blocks of snow after a storm without the city’s help.

Stephen J. Bernsen, South Commons

where is my email?

I was thinking of filing a missing persons report with the postman in Chicago. Where are they? I received emails every day. I received the email last week on Thursday and Friday. And now my mail has been stolen, my checks have been laundered, and the blue mailbox is unusable. Are email services simply dying?

Lorraine Buehler, Montclair

Read the real history of the “territorial dispute”

Recently rumored presidential candidate Ron DeSantis called the war in Ukraine simply a “territorial dispute.”

What did DeSantis call the German takeover of Czechoslovakia? And Putin claims that Ukraine was originally part of Russia. Territorial issue?

Similarly, DeSantis is justified in saying that Hitler, among other things, “ethnic German” Poles are being mistreated, just as Putin claims that Russian-speaking Ukrainians are being mistreated. How would you characterize the German invasion of Poland, which was intended to be

DeSantis also argued that North Korea’s invasion of South Korea (which the aggressors argued was appropriate to reunify the country divided after World War II) was a “territorial dispute” and a communist invasion. ?

If DeSantis really believes what he says, you should read, or perhaps re-read, his history book. is as dishonest as the man who fights in the primaries.

William P. Gottschalk, Lake Forest


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Written by Natalia Chi

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