The most expensive flights: from Rome to Oceania they exceed 30,000 euros The ranking

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Unfortunately, it is not new that airline tickets, after Covid, have undergone a surge in prices amid increased inflation and high fuel costs. A growth that does not seem to reverse its course. In the first six months of 2023, the fares for flights from Italy rose by as much as 50%. And for the most remote places in the world it can exceed 30,000 euros, practically the price of a medium-sized car or a garage in the city. This is what Codacons affirms which, in the light of the expensive flight phenomenon, has carried out a study aimed at identifying which are currently the most expensive routes in the world starting from Italy. Those who dream of spending a holiday in a natural paradise such as the Fiji Islands, Samoa, New Zealand or Polynesia have to come to terms with reality. Because it is a desire, even if legitimate, that only a few will be able to fulfill.

The consumer association has drawn up a ranking of the most expensive flights in the world, taking into consideration a round trip for next August. «Assuming that you embark at the international airport of Fiumicino, the most expensive ticket is the one for the Port Vila airport, located in the Republic of Vanuatu in Oceania. Few dates available – explains Codacons – and if you leave on August 5 and return on August 26, the fastest flight with 2 stopovers costs 16,090 euros. However, by changing the dates (August 20-26) and depending on the carrier and the connections chosen, the ticket price reaches a record 30,287 euros.

In second place in the ranking of the most expensive flights in the world is Apia, in the Samoa Islands in Polynesia: leaving on August 14 and returning on August 20, you get to spend, always depending on the company chosen and the connections, up to 23,362 euros for a flight with two stopovers. In third place we find the Fiji Islands, where a ticket from Fiumicino to Suva airport costs (departing on August 14th and returning on August 21st) 15,185 euros if you choose the fastest option (about 30 hours of flight each way), but can reach the figure of 19,490 euros.

Guadalcanal follows at a short distance, in the archipelago of the Solomon Islands, with flight fares reaching 18,797 euros. Up to 16,862 euros are needed to fly to Wellington (New Zealand), 15,902 euros to Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea) and 14,498 euros to Darwin (Australia)», calculates the Codacons again. In a summer characterized by the phenomenon of expensive flights, which has led Mr. cases save up to 20% on the cost of airline tickets. For example, the association recommends «leaving between Monday and Wednesday, booking a flight at 2 in the morning, and compare the prices charged 2-3 days before and after the desired departure. Then beware of commissions and hidden costs, insurance policies and other additional services (possibility to change your flight without costs, choice of seat on the plane, etc.). Monitor the prices for departures from airports other than that of the city where you reside and the return flight of a different company than the one used for the outward journey. Evaluate the purchase of an open-jaw ticket, i.e. a ticket that allows you to land in an airport and leave again from another airport located in a different city», concludes Assoutenti.

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