The Mediaset schedules: Myrta Merlino in place of Barbara D’Urso (“imbufalita”), via Belén, two programs for Bianca Berlinguer

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I am above all two the news that they rewrite the schedules for the next season of the Mediaset networks.

We have been talking about what has made the most noise for days now: Bianca Berlinguer climbs one place in the remote control: from Rai3 she passes to Rete4 where she will host two programs: a talk on Tuesday evening (the same one he occupied on state TV, with her too Mauro Corona) And an access prime time newspaperthe slot that leaves at 20.30 after the evening news, the one usually occupied by Italy tonight.

The title of the program could change (of course if you want to White Zone it would be perfect for her…) and the new employee he will alternate with Nicola Porro which also maintains its Monday primetime slot (Fourth Republic). Scala instead on Wednesdays Mario Giordano with his Out of the core. “We have transformed a network that offered films and soap operas into an information network – explained Pier Silvio Berlusconi -. Now phase two begins: broaden the editorial spectrum, aim at a transversal audience with weighty professionals. And our ideal was Bianca Berlinguer: when I told my father he was silent: he just raised his eyebrow».

The other entrance that redesigns Canale 5’s day time is that of Myrta Merlin which accommodates Afternoon 5which until yesterday was the enclosure in which he moved Barbara D’Urso. The purged presenter did not take it well («I was left at home without any notice, other than an agreed choice» said A Republic). Pier Silvio Berlusconi explained the choice thus: «Barbara was asking for a two-year renewal with the guarantee of prime time. For economic reasons, we no longer give this type of guarantee. We also wanted change the editorial line of the program with a more journalistic and topical slant. I believe that a discontinuity sign was necessary and will do the program good».

Mediaset’s new schedules are a mix of event programmes, news and certainties. Among the first are the show of Checco Zalone
Love + VAT repurposed for tv, the evenings with Il Volo, Elisa, Max Pezzali and Orietta Bertiwhich are added to the confirmed ones Zelig, Michelle Impossible And Happy Evening with Pio and Amedeo.

Maria DeFilippi as usual, it is the host in prime time on Canale 5 with four programmes: Friends, You’ve got mail, Tú sí que vales (where Luciana Littizzetto arrives in the jury and Belén leaves the management), Temptation Island winter version (produced by Fascino, the presenter’s company).

Gerry Scotti
adds two programs to his commitments (I sing Generation in prime time and a new edition of the Wheel of fortuneone of Mike Bongiorno’s most iconic quizzes). Paul Bonolis play it safe with Hi Darwinwhile the mystery is the three programs on Italia1 for Enrico Papi: at the Pupa and the nerd a music game is added and another format that has not been revealed at the moment.

As for reality shows, the Big Brother in mixed mode (VIPs and strangers), was announced for the third time The mole
it is not clear the fate of Ilary Blasi
and ofIsland of the famous: «We are satisfied with the island which, however, could stop for a while».

Instead, it changes for sure at hyenas, via Belén arrives Veronica Gentili.

July 5, 2023 (change July 5, 2023 | 2:43 pm)

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