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In the bucolic setting of Labico, on the outskirts of Rome, Albero Matano and Ricardo Mannino got married in marriage with the blessing of Mara Venier on 11 June. The weekly Chi, invited to the wedding, released some details of the wedding and revealed the first public declaration of Riccardo Mannino.

Alberto Matano and Riccardo Mannino got married: the enthusiasm of the VIPs for the wedding

There was a lot of emotion and a breath of joy that had been circulating among the couple’s friends for days. This was witnessed by Mara Venier, officiant and great friend of the two, who in the throes of enthusiasm had released photos of the “dress rehearsals” of the wedding.

That same emotion led the Sunday queen to be moved just as she pronounced the words that would have made the union between Matano and Mannino official: “My voice choked” said Mara Venier, who had to stop for a moment because of the emotion. The wedding was a success, among the guests famous friends of the couple, such as Raoul Bova and Rocio Morales, Francesca Barra and Claudio Santamaria, Andrea Delogu and Ema Stokholma. In the days following the wedding, photos and videos of the VIPs invited to the wedding day continued to shoot on social networks and until yesterday, Mara Venier posted a very eloquent story on her Instagram profile.

The presenter is having dinner with the presenter de Life live and other friends including Serena Bortone. In the video, Mara Venier jokes with Matano, then makes a round of shots of the table presenting the people at the same table and after pointing out her husband invents a gag with Matano who in turn exclaims “My husband” while Riccardo Mannino is framed. In short, the two have not stopped having fun even if the marriage has passed.

The marriage proposal and the first public words of Riccardo Mannino

Very little is known about Riccardo Mannino, a cassation lawyer and Alberto Matano’s great love.

The two kept their relationship in secret and very few photos showed Mr. Mannino’s face before the wedding. As reported Dagospiawhich released the advances of the weekly Who on newsstands from today, it would have been Riccardo who asked Alberto to get married. After underlining the importance of this step for society as well as for their love, Mara Venier revealed to her Who she is, that she was the Cupid for the marriage.

“It all started one evening. Alberto, Riccardo and I were having dinner and the deputy was there too Vincenzo Spadafora.

Between one drink and the next, it came naturally to me to say to these two guys: ‘Why don’t you get married?’. They always cared about privacy, no one knew about this relationship, but two people who have been together for 15 years have built something important. “I don’t get up from this table if, before saying goodbye, you don’t tell me a date ‘, I said”.

So Riccardo started looking at his cell phone, checked the calendar and the omelette was done. At the wedding there were many VIPs, guests of a party that Matano described as “A gigantic, unexpected and sweetest wave of love.

The weekly Whounique media invited to the wedding, then stole the first public declaration from Riccardo. The cassation lawyer told how she fell in love with Matano: “From the first moment, 15 years ago, I knew that Alberto would be my life partner”. A short but effective comment, which suggests how transparent the feeling which binds him to Matano.


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