The father spoke, an exorcist center opens in the capital of the Philippines


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The Catholic Church is building a facility specializing in exorcism in Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

In the facility called St. Michael’s Spiritual Liberation and Exorcism Center, in addition to rooms suitable for exile rituals, a chapel in honor of the Virgin Mary will be built, as well as rooms for personal conversations and consultations. It will also be possible to train priests whose applications are expected from all over Asia, he wrote. Hungarian Nation citing the exile office of the Archdiocese of Manila.

In their statement, they also wrote that this is the first such facility not only in Asia, perhaps worldwide.

Father José Francisco Syquia, the main exorcist of the archdiocese, said:

The center will serve those who have been captivated by the devil.

In his view, this is especially true for poorer people, who are not usually dealt with.

Recently, the number of diabolical interventions among people has increased significantly. According to the father, total possession by the devil accounts for about twenty percent of the cases, in which case evil spirits usually physically harass those affected. He added, the devil has power over all electrical objects.

An average of ten reports a day are received from the population that they feel confused in their souls.


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