The Cubs’ Seiya Suzuki is feeling better after Tuesday’s big game

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While his overall offensive numbers were around the league average, the Cubs’ right fielder Seiya Suzuki entered his four-shot outburst Tuesday night slashing .198/.268/.270 since June 1.

Picking up his second home run in his last 41 games and driving in more runs (three) than he had all of July up to that point made Suzuki feel the breakthrough he seemed from the outside.

“I feel that I haven’t quite met my expectations yet,” Suzuki said through an interpreter on Wednesday. “I can’t really say that I’m playing really bad. I just played really inconsistently. But what about [Tuesday]I feel like I was able to find that one thing that clicked for me.

Suzuki said he made a litany of adjustments to his job in the batting cage, but what stood out to him on Tuesday night’s surge was how well he felt he was seeing the ball. While respecting Suzuki’s track record, manager David Ross he said he’s noticed since last season that Suzuki’s pre-game work relied heavily on his opponents, rather than a personal routine he completed each day.

Ahead of games against a starting pitcher with a four-seam fastball, Ross said Suzuki could focus on drills from a high batting tee to prepare for swinging at the top of the zone.

Before facing a pitcher with a double-seam boring inside, Suzuki would focus on keeping his swing inside the baseball and spray drives to right center field.

“There’s also a lot of value in going in every day and having your own routine that’s just for you,” Ross said. “He’s learning to be around Danby [Swanson] AND [Ian Happ] and some of these guys coming in every single day and doing what they do best and forming their plan of attack, rather than adjusting to whoever’s on the mound. I think it creates the most coherence.

The way the process worked on Tuesday gives Suzuki something to buy to move forward.

“Whatever I feel in training, if I can put it into practice when I get into the game and get those results, I feel really good and have more confidence,” Suzuki said via an interpreter. “Even in some games where I landed a couple of hits and still wasn’t able to feel any satisfaction. But obviously now I have some confidence in what I’m trying to do.

Internally on the mend

Nicholas Madrigal he was seen fielding grounders at third base, running the bases, and batting practice as he ramped up the business. The full back has been absent for the last two weeks with a right hamstring strain.

Less conspicuous was the work of Swanson, who on Wednesday the Cubs ramped up his baseball activities as he labored after a left heel bruise. Ross also said Swanson could return during this weekend’s series against the Cardinals.

Draft class meeting

The Cubs announced the signings of 10 more members of their 2023 draft class. Third-round pick Josh Riveraa shortstop from Florida and fourth round pick Will Sandera right-handed pitcher from South Carolina, manages 17 players who retired from the 20 selected.

Second round pick Jaxon Wigginsa right-handed pitcher from Arkansas, he is the Cubs’ highest draft selection yet to sign.

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