the chilling truth about her tears


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Once upon a time there was the strong and hard male who would never, ever shed a tear, let alone confess it. Then Manuel Bortuzzo arrived …

Even the tough ones cry. This would be the perfect title of Manuel Bortuzzo’s latest outburst on Instagram, paraphrasing the historic motto of a certain extreme left. Yes, because the young man from Trieste has finally decided to take off his hero’s armor and bare the wounds of the body and, above all, of the soul.

Lights and shadows on Manuel Bortuzzo

For every bitter tear that wet the smile ”: this is how we read the message that Manuel Bortuzzo launched in the past few hours from his highly clicked Instagram page. And in fact the swimmer from Trieste sports a beautiful smile, with a serene and relaxed face and that bright light in the eyes of those who have made peace with themselves and with the world: never in recent months, marked by the turbulent dynamics of the Big Brother House Vip and the stormy separation from Lulù Selassié, we had seen him in this state of grace.

To tell the truth, however, this is not the first time that Manuel lowers his defenses and discovers his frailties and weaknesses. During a special evening in the House most spied on by Italians, for example, the direction, among the various songs that he had launched on the occasion of Giucas Casella’s birthday party, there was one in particular that made the good Manuel. What song is it about? “The best years of our life”, a timeless masterpiece by Renato Zero. The competitor, after wiping his tears, explained to his friend Manila Nazzaro that that was the last song he danced with his ex-girlfriend just before the drama that changed his life.

And it is Manila Nazzaro herself who signs the first comment at the bottom of Manuel Bortuzzo’s new post: a simple but eloquent red heart that expresses all the esteem and affection that binds the two. “How many tears I wiped you – writes instead lolagrullitah -, you don’t know it but this fight in primis With yourself and then with the rest of the world I fought it and I fight it with you🥺❤💪 big boy hold on”. And lunapippo64 echoes her: “You always deserve to smile Manuel you are special 💜🌈💜”, as does danilo_bufo: “Great Manuel, you are the example for all of us. Good continuation of the evening 👏🤗😍 “. And to follow many others …


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