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Welcome to the Chicago Popular News community. The subject of this news is the best PROMO of 2022
here are the details.

After a few days of careful analysis, we have decided to select three rates for you to have Internet without Limits in Second house. The promotions available belong to three different providers and specifically they are Linkem and Aeolus in FWA beyond TIM which instead makes an offer available in FTTC.

Make yourself comfortable, therefore, to discover the three offers selected for you.

Internet for the Second Home: here is our selection

As we said at the beginning, Aeolus and Linkem both offer rechargeable batteries for the Second house in FWA technology. In particular, Aeolus offers with his Aeolus When You Want internet flat up to 30 Mbps download speed without a fixed monthly fee. The PROMO is in fact designed for those who want to surf for a certain period. The provider allows you to buy a top-up for 2 days to $ 6.90for 7 days to 9.90 dolarsfor 2 weeks to 19.80 dolars. Alternatively, up to June 30, 2022 you can choose the valid recharge for 3 months just 99 dolars. This solution does not have the modem in installments included but it is possible to request it on loan for use by paying $ 69.90 for the EOLOrouter Wi-Fi or $ 79.90 for the EVO version.

The alternative, very similar in technology to that of Aeolus, is the Prepaid Without Limits Rechargeable Plus from Linkem. This provider offers unlimited internet up to 100 Mbps in download with a contribution from activation equal to 169 dolars lump sum. This initial cost provides 3 months free navigation and the External modem included. Once the quarter included has ended, it will be possible to purchase the desired top-up. Here are the available cuts:

  • 1 month to 27 dolars,
  • 3 months of data a $ 78,
  • 5 months of the internet a 120 dolars,
  • 12 months navigation a 240 dolars.

The last solution is the TIM Premium Flexy offering internet in the second home without limits up to 200 Mega in download in FTTC. In this case there are three top-up cuts to navigate up to a maximum of 30 days. Specifically, for 2 days the recharge is equal to $ 5.90for a week the fee requested is 12.90 dolarsalternatively, for those who need to have a month of unlimited internet there is the possibility to sail with less than 40 dolars. TIM’s solution does not include the device included but can be requested at 5 dolars per month for 48 months. Activation is completely free.

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