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Tomorrow, Thursday 16 June, an important anniversary falls for Carlo Conti and his family. Here is the event that the conductor is preparing to celebrate.

Carlo Conti has dedicated most of his life to work, and the results are evident. But there is more to his life. Perhaps the conductor is so loved and followed precisely because in him there is a healthy balance between ambitions, needs and dreams of various kinds, without excesses or distortions in one sense or another. It is no coincidence that in a few hours he will celebrate a symbolic date that has to do with his most intimate and private sphere.

A great anniversary for Carlo Conti and Francesca Vaccaro

It was June 16, 2012, exactly ten years ago, when Carlo Conti and Francesca Vaccaro got married, crowning a love now ready to become the basis of a strong and indissoluble family. “My existence is divided into before and after Francesca, because thanks to her I passed from ‘I’ to ‘we’ – said the great presenter some time ago in an interview with Chi just in view of the wedding anniversary – . Every morning I wake her up with coffee and tell her that she is beautiful ”.

Not everyone knows that a certain point in his relationship with Francesca Vaccaro, friend and colleague Antonella Clerici played a decisive role, prompting him to ask her to marry him. “I was not ready, I did like the yo-yo, I went and came back” confessed Our, remembering the hesitation before deciding to take the plunge: “It was Antonella Clerici at a certain point who said to me: ‘Or go to her with the ring engagement, the tipsy, and you say that you are serious or do not get close ‘. I went to Francesca and asked her to marry me. After six months we were husband and wife ”.

Yet that marriage proposal took his future wife by surprise: “I always said that if I got married I would do it with her. But at some point she lost hope, so she was surprised. We were at a crossroads, we couldn’t continue like this “. In retrospect, that decision was sacrosanct, especially after the arrival of his son Matteo. who is now eight years old and often appears together with mum and dad: “With him our love becomes matter, it is the result of the good we want” said Carlo Conti about his son. For him it has also changed his working life, deciding to give up tempting proposals, such as that of conducting two other editions of Sanremo and taking the helm of L’Eredità. “16/6/2012 Carlo & Francesca the first 10 years of marriage !!! 10 years of love, of life, of family ❤️❤️❤️ ”, reads a post just published on his Instagram profile. And the story continues …


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