Delilah Starr Lincoln was loved and adored by the traveling softball community.

“She was the biggest goof ball and best person to be around,” said of her teammates.

The 15-ear-old was a catcher for the Hounds Fast Pitch Softball League, but suffered from asthma since birth. Delilah’s mother says she had a root canal procedure after a severe toothache last Wednesday. That same night, her asthma triggered. Her mother took her off life support days later.

“When she got to my mom, she had her asthma pump in her hand, and when she passed out she passed out with her pump in hand,” said Delilah’s mother, Kayla Stacy.

Her organs were donated and four children’s lives were saved as a result.

“I just wanted to help other mothers to not feel the way I feel,” Stacy said.

On Saturday, inside Hale Park where Delilah had her first catch, loved ones cried and prayed as Delilah’s grandfather encouraged her teammates, saying the family would continue to support them.

“They know that Delilah will always be with them on the field no matter what,” the team coaches said.

Lighting up the sky with purple and white balloons, Delilah’s hard work, friendly spirit and a special smile will always be missed.

“I wish I could hang out one more time,” a classmate said.

A visitation is scheduled for Sunday at Woodlawn Funeral Home, 2 p.m. in Forrest Park.