Showers are likely here Sunday afternoon

Daybreak Sunday looks dry but we could have lake effect showers start around midday. Showers are likely here in the afternoon, better potential in southern sections.

Through Sunday, not overly heavy totals, (some of these numbers may be a bit high) not real heavy but most of us could see some rain moving through the area.

We’re running out of time to enjoy the colors of fall. 

The region is currently in the peak of the autumn leaf colors.  During the next week, the Chicago area will move beyond the height of the fall colors and many more leaves will also be on the ground and no longer hanging in trees.

As more leaves fall to the ground, we’re left with the task of cleaning up the fallen foliage.  Passing showers on Sunday afternoon will make for less-than-ideal raking conditions.  Over the next few days, Monday is the best day for working in the yard, as sunshine and dry conditions return.  Tuesday might not be the wettest, but it looks like the most uncomfortable day ahead.  Scattered snow showers, strong winds and cold temperatures will have most of us waiting until later in the week to grab the rake, again.

The pumpkin Patch Forecast

It’s not too late to get a pumpkin before Halloween, but a trip to the patch might be interrupted by wet weather.  Passing showers are likely Sunday afternoon and that would add to the already soft and muddy conditions.  If getting a pumpkin right before the holiday is a tradition, you’ll find better conditions on Monday, when the sunshine returns.  

We’re going to have some cold nights in the next few days, and they will feel even colder, thanks to the winds. 

The added wind chill makes it even more important to limit exposed skin when air temps dip.