Stroke: the signals that our body sends us are absolutely not to be underestimated


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Stroke can have very serious effects. From paralysis to death. That’s why you have to pay attention to what our body tells us

Poor diet, an unhealthy lifestyle, but also smoking and pollution. They can all be causes of stroke. A serious health event that affects thousands of people every year. There is a signal that our body sends and that we should not underestimate. Here’s which one.

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Stroke can have very serious effects. It can lead to being disabled, with paralysis of some part of our body. But it can also have fatal consequences, resulting in death. It occurs when poor blood perfusion to the brain causes cell death. Therefore, prevention is very important.

Recently, however, scientific research has made great strides to try to prevent this pathology which, in recent years, has greatly increased in numbers and consequences.

A simple blood sample to be carried out in the days following an ischemic event to be able to prefigure the patient’s responses to therapies, personalizing the rehabilitation process. The first results obtained by the researchers of the Nanomedicine Laboratory of ICS Maugeri in Pavia are very encouraging and were considered of great interest.

Research that looks at stroke damage and recovery that could have very important implications for personalizing patient care and allowing them appropriate care and better recovery. But, as we said, prevention is also very important. And, in this sense, our body can send us signals that we should not underestimate.

The signs that can portend

We are all at risk given that strokes affect around 200,000 people each year. For this reason, therefore, we always invite you to cyclical checks, with medical and specialized personnel. This article is intended as a knowledge support only. Even the signals that our body sends.

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Among the signals that our body sends us there are some very well known even to the layman. For instance the confusional state that manifests itself suddenly. But also the numbness of one of the limbs, arm or leg.

In general of one half of the body. And then, more nausea and sudden vomiting and headache. Much more worrying, moreover, difficulties in communicating and walking.

But an omen that many do not know or underestimate is the sudden visual difficulty. For example, double or blurred vision. Also in this case, as in the case of the limbs, to be kept under observation if this symptom occurs only on one of the two eyes. In general, we always invite you to talk to your doctors and not to underestimate any signs or symptoms.


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