storm in Dimartedì on La7. Floris forced to intervene


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Recurring guest in recent times, Geneva Bompiani set fire to the studio of Tuesday on La7 in the last episode, broadcast on June 14th. The writer usually expresses very strong intellectual positions: it is her role and she never shirks from the comparison. However, this can sometimes create inconveniences, such as one quarrel quite turned on with the co-director of Free Pietro Senaldia quarrel that was in fact about to escalate into a fire.

For Ginevra Bompiani Giorgia Meloni is “A real buffona”: the controversy breaks out a Tuesday

It all began when Giovanni Floris asked Ginevra Bompiani for a comment on the figure of Matteo Salvini and a point of view on right.

The writer did not mince words and clearly explained her opinion on the League leader: “It seems to me that Salvini has arrived at that moment in his career when he can be put on him, in fact everyone is on him. I would skip this moment, I would let it go the way of him that I have long thought is a way to lose. He, how to say, plays at losing “ – said Bompiani. Then with the verve that characterizes it spoke of Giorgia Meloni “In my opinion, we must be careful not to take Meloni with apprehension and attention, because to tell the truth, if we have to laugh we laugh at Meloni which is much more buffoon by Salvini.

A real buffoon “. The writer quoted the speech of the representative of the Brothers of Italy at the demonstration of the Vox party, and taking up the words of the leader of FdI exclaimed: “Yo Soy una mujer, Italian soy, soy Gorgia: but it’s ridiculous”. Then with a straight leg he commented: “The things he says are ridiculous”.

Giovanni Floris’ response and Senaldi’s reactions

After the words tranchant from Bompianithe conductor is forced to intervene to give her a hand.

Giovanni Floris then tries to calm the tone and says: “Look, we will discuss your opinion, not the ‘buffoon’ because in any case we are talking about a deputy who represents many Italians “- then Floris adds: “But you can believe his positions are ridiculous. The emergency seemed to be over when Ginevra Bompiani, after seeing another clip of the intervention in Spain by Giorgia Meloni adds: “If this doesn’t make you laugh, I don’t know. Unfortunately Italy likes buffoons, so Meloni is very dangerous ”. The debate continues very animated and sees a Bompiani-Senaldi clash on political issues explode.

Senaldi speaks to the writer as if she were a political exponent and tells her “If you knew the fear that we who pay the taxes of having you back (…) of having the PD still in government”, then Bompiani – writer and university lecturer certainly multifaceted and enlightened but without previous political assignments to her credit – specifies that she does not belong to the government and to be precise that she has never even voted for the Democratic Party. The situation explodes when Bompiani says “The Nazis surround the Meloni” accompanying his words with very eloquent gestures.

So, while Senaldi replies to the veiled allusions with: “Bompiani makes science fiction”Floris practically intervenes with the fire extinguisher: “I’m working as Bompiani’s interpreter to get her out of this situation without complaints”.


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