Steve Martin revisits “Planes, Trains, Cars” and all the f-bombs for the classic film’s 35th anniversary.


For die-hard fans, no Thanksgiving would be complete without the help of Airplanes, Trains, and Cars, which celebrates its 35th anniversary on Friday.

Stuck in a delayed trip with shower curtain ring salesman Del Griffith (comedy legend John Candy), Steve Martin’s grumpy ad man is heading home for a family turkey dinner. The plight of officer Neil Page is a holiday essential.

Commenting on the classic 1987 road comedy, Martin said: 2009.

“It’s a tragedy,” says Martin. “I want them to see how this movie has this momentum.

Martin, 77, told USA Today that he insisted on filming the car rental scene without the f-bomb and still misses the deleted scene.

Q. “Plains” was filmed over 87 days in frigid climates from Buffalo, New York to Braidwood, Illinois. How much real travel was infused into the movie?

A. Everything in the movie happened during the filming of the movie. My connection failed and I missed my flight. I am very mobile. We were supposed to shoot in one town, but it didn’t snow, so we moved everything to Buffalo. Part of the joke in the movie is that John Candy’s Dell wears a hoodie while I wear a suit. , it was really 14 degrees.

Q. The plane scene where John Candy riffs on the impact of “Psycho” on the showering business is removed. What part of the movie was ad-libbed?

A. I ad-libbed a lot because I loved John Hughes. he didn’t cut It’s the movie age these days, so when you shoot a scene, you can hear the film tearing (it makes a spinning noise). John and I looked each other in the eye and said, “Do we continue?” Then he had to ad-lib and take reaction shots, and the day was extended to 16 hours for him. This started as his 145-page script. Eventually, I realized that the movie was progressing very slowly, weeks behind. John and I have come to an agreement. Stop ad-libbing.

Q. Did either of you start laughing, especially while ad-libbing?

A. we laughed a lot. But we did the laugh part before rolling to get it out of the system so we knew what we were going to do. I came up with it on set and shot it.

Q. It’s funny how you two look so comfortable cuddling up on a motel bed. How was the shooting?

A. We were comfortable with each other and liked each other. he will make me laugh It’s hard to explain why this was funny, but we were so together that we came on set and the fakes beat each other.

Q. Was there an ad-lib take on Neil’s famous car rental tirade?

A. I didn’t ad-lib. John’s writing has a certain rhythm. And when you start saying the f-word whenever you want, it stops working and becomes less poetic.

Q. You wrote in your new book Number One is Walking: My Life in Film and Other Entertainment, did you shoot that scene without f-bombs?

A. I just thought it was practical. At the time, the plane had a cleaned up version. I said to (Hughes), “They’re going to need it for the plane.” So we shot it. I do not swear I was like, “I want a car right now!” As far as I know, it never saw the light of day and never saw an airplane.

Q. Fast forward to the classic scene now. Clearly, no regrets about how f-bombs pushed the movie to an R rating?

A. No, it’s a famous scene. The great director Mike Nichols once said to me: That certainly applies here.

Q. Are there any cutscenes that you still can’t miss?

A. At the very end, there’s a scene where John’s character returns to find him sitting alone at the train station. He has no home, he just travels. Then he said, “Usually I’m fine. But when I’m on holiday, I’m usually attached to someone. But this time I couldn’t let go.” I remember sitting across from John and thinking, ‘Wow, this guy is killing this.

I was surprised that the scene was drastically cut. I didn’t know why and I didn’t ask John because that’s his job.

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