Stefano Tacconi’s son publishes a note and good news


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It’s been weeks where everyone wants to hear about Stefano Tacconi and it is once again his son Andrea to update on the health conditions of the former goalkeeper. Andrea Tacconi has moved everyone with his latest messages, the first is the note that Stefano Tacconi wrote to his wife. A note of which Laura Hope he had already spoken in one of the last episodes of Afternoon 5. A few letters on a white piece of paper, “S + L” the initials of their names, Stefano and Laura with the writing next to them Love. A way in which Stefano Tacconi wanted not only to declare his love once again to his wife but also to make them understand that he will make it, that he needs rehabilitation but that the road is downhill, the worst is over. A gesture arrived immediately after the planned operation to facilitate the recovery of the former footballer.

Good news for Stefano Tacconi and his son is making an important announcement

The second post of Andrea Tacconi what moved everyone was the announcement that next week the father will finally be transferred to a rehabilitation center. “Finally we have been informed that next week dad will be transferred to a center to start a rehabilitation process – Go on like this” Andrea wrote adding a heart and a four-leaf clover, symbols that have been accompanying his messages since that terrible day.

It was his most anticipated message, it is the step towards the total recovery of his father after the stroke. The fear was that the surgery could lead to complications or that something was wrong and that Stefano Tacconi’s situation could somehow worsen. Instead, since last April 23, from the day Stefano Tacconi was struck by a cerebral hemorrhage, there has always been excellent news. There is another difficult period for him, but it is that of recovery.


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