Stefano De Martino, the sentence about Belen shocks everyone: then comes the explanation


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The return of the flame between Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez is the pink news of the moment. But in the absence of official confirmation, so far everything had remained vague. Here is the final word of the person concerned.

Work and artistic ambitions, timeless friendships, essential points of reference and, last but of course not least, the truth about the romantic relationship with Belen Rodriguez. Stefano De Martino spoke of all this in a new long interview with the Corriere della Sera.

Stefano De Martino’s open-hearted confession

The dancer and (above all) conductor Stefano De Martino on 9 June will make his debut at the cinema with The most beautiful day by Andrea Zalone, alongside Paolo Kessisoglu, Luca Bizzarri, Violante Placido and Fiammetta Cicogna. Another step forward in the world of entertainment for the young artist from Campania, who for the occasion had a wide-ranging conversation with the newspaper in via Solferino.

“I never thought of being an actor” begins Stefano De Martino. “I looked at the experience with curiosity, I am fascinated by the behind the scenes”. On his skill he will leave the judgment to his son Santiago, born from the ancient love with Belen Rodriguez: “His opinion will be the most severe of all – he says-. He will say to me ‘daddy you make me laugh’, and not in the sense that we all hope! ”.

And the dance? “Like all children of art, I had a repulsion for dance and I wanted to try other sports first. Then riding my sister Adelaide, who is five years younger than me, to the dance school, I fell in love too. I started at 10, I was the only student in my school to do dance ”. Then, much later, the lucky experience ad Friends. With Maria De Filippi he still feels: “I often compare myself with her and I know that she is a great little luxury for my profession. Before the big decisions I call it “. And Emma Marrone? “She is a beautiful person. Our story was a youthful thing that I remember fondly. I am pleased that you have managed to evolve as an artist: you are an established singer, you do cinema, TV… We have remained on excellent terms “.

The reference to Belen is inevitable. “I believe there is a sort of emotional transfer towards us – says Stefano De Martino -. Everyone has had a tormented love: in the almost morbidness with which they want to understand how it ends there is the veiled hope that there is a happy ending for them too “. But “in ten years many things change. Life takes strange paths and I have stopped analyzing them. I try to improvise, as I do at work “.

Our then has no difficulty in admitting that he goes to the psychologist “every week”: “We talk a lot about physical health, we take care of ourselves 60-70% more than our parents. It seems stupid to me to spend so little time on mental health, ”he notes. “I learned to analyze myself, to understand how I function under stress. I can look at myself from the outside, before I was at the mercy of emotions. Attempts must be made, it is not obvious to find the right psychologist immediately “.

It is also thanks to this introspective work, after all, that he managed to write a new page in his history with Belen: “The problems I had between the ages of 20-25 have them all in their twenties: it’s hard to have a very specific identity. When you are with a spotlight always on you, the lack of awareness emerges. Today they recognize me thanks to my work and it is more satisfying for me, while the difficult thing about being known when you are young is that everyone knows you when you are not ready: you don’t even know who you are “. And to those who ask him if he is Belu have ever divorced he replies: “Oh my God, I’m not sure, but I think so.” New wedding in sight? “I had one of marriage, and ours for how it went is enough and remains for another two or three lives!”. In any case, today “I am very happy”.


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