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MINGO JUNCTION — The St. Agnes Woman’s Club met Sept. 19, beginning the meeting with a prayer led by President Theresa Madden. Madden used the shut-in’s calendar which was to be distributed members, noting it will be used to pray for a shut-in every day. The calendar was provided by Theresa Jurasko, spirituality commissioner.

The pledge to the flag was recited, followed by grace prior to a luncheon served by Karen Giuliani, Kathy Coldebella and Charlotte Hauber.

The business meeting began with all officers present and 33 members in attendance.

The leadership commission presented those having a September birthdays with a small gift. Members included Dorothy Mazik, Mary See and Rita Wigal.

Birthday cards will be sent to Judy Skipper, Gina Diorio and Rose Sacco.

Coldebella reported she sent a sympathy card to Sheila Locascio on the death of her mother, Mary Belcher.

Madden thanked hostesses for the evening and those who helped in many ways, including members who set up and cleaned afterward at the parish picnic, those baking and serving for the Mass of Remembrance reception and those who called workers for pumpkin rolls.

Special thanks was given to the Rev. James Dunfee, who ordered and donated new pumpkin roll pans.

The Spiritual Adoption Prayer Campaign is in progress and members were reminded to turn in papers with their child’s name to the parish office or in the collection basket.

The Rosary Congress was held at Holy Rosary Church. St. Agnes was in charge of leading the prayers Monday.

Pumpkin rolls are baked Monday through Thursday until Oct. 26. Another week will be added, if needed.

Officials stated the new pans arrived, the mixer was refurbished and the oven was inspected. Debbie Riccardo and Madden cleaned the oven, kitchen and new pans.

Carrie Petrozzi thanked those who donated socks, saying she welcomes any other service project ideas. Coldebella thanked all for their generosity for the AIM project and gave a breakdown of items donated.

Hauber displayed aprons with a unique pumpkin roll design, reading “St. Agnes’s Pumpkin Rollers,” which she is donating to the CWC.

There will be no baking on Tuesday, which is the day of the next CWC meeting.

Rita Costantini won the door prize, donated by Mary Ross. Karen Giuliani won the 50/50 drawing. The meeting closed with prayer and a blessing given by Dunfee.

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