Soon five planets will be aligned simultaneously in the sky. Will it become visible in Chicago?


Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, and Mars all line up near the Moon.

And in the Chicago area, it may be sunny enough to see the parade at its peak.

when can i see you?

Experts say Tuesday is the best day to find out how the planets are aligned. According to NASA astronomer Bill Cook, you’ll want to look to the western horizon just after sunset.

The parade extends from the horizon to nearly halfway into the night sky, and should be visible “from anywhere on the planet” as long as there is a clear sky and a view to the west.

Can they be seen in Chicago?

In the Chicago area, clouds can clear just in time.

“It could be clear enough for a while,” said NBC 5 meteorologist Pete Sack.

Need binoculars or a telescope?

it depends.

Sack said of Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury, “Four planets will become visible to the naked eye.

Cook says Jupiter, Venus, and Mars should all shine brightly, so they should be easy to spot. Venus will be one of the brightest in the sky, and Mars will have a reddish glow near the Moon.

Mercury is so small that it will be difficult to spot, Sack said, adding, “Uranus will require a telescope.”

don’t be late Mercury and Jupiter sink rapidly below the horizon about 30 minutes after sunset.

Does this happen often?

Various numbers and groups of planets are sometimes lined up in the sky. There was a Five Planet line-up last summer, and another in June with a slightly different make-up.

This type of alignment occurs when the orbits of the planets, as seen from Earth, align to one side of the Sun, Cook said.


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