Snail trains, forgotten passengers and connections once a month: the government cuts ribbons, but the new routes are a joke

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For the Rome-Pompeii the prime minister and the minister of culture have moved: a parade with a crowd of photographers officers, mega-scissors for the inauguration and tones triumph them. The link Bari-Naples instead it was forcefully claimed by Matthew Salvini, because the left “wasn’t able to make it happen”. She scratches and scrapes under the patina of though amazing announcements, little or nothing remains. Why link in Red Arrow amidst the capital the Roman excavations had been announced as operational Once a month – then, at least in August, it will operate once a week – and even the direct route between the Apulian capital and the Campania one risks being a flop because Trenitalia’s Intercity is slower than the solutions already available. The new trains praised since governmentin short, I am a bluff. And a joke for those who imagined faster times and greater frequency.

Not to mention the tragicomic return of Arrow of Versiliathe train you give 50s until the 2020 has transported tens of thousands of Cremona citizens to Marble FortMarina di Pietrasanta and so on: last weekend it returned to cover the route from Cremona to the beach on Saturdays and holidays after a three and a half year break. And the debut was from nightmarebecause the personnel of Trenitalia and of Trenord did not agree on the station in which he would have to take turns, leaving on the ground, in Fornovo di Taro, about 300 passengers who returned from Tuscany. A technical glitch which represents only the last of the inconvenience found on the Italian railway line, where eight out of ten trains – the data are from Italian railway network – arrive on time or less than ten minutes late. A percentage below the standard of the main European countries, as told by Daily fact.

Meanwhile the government cuts ribbons. Prime Minister Sunday Giorgia Meloni and the Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano they are accommodated in the carriages of the Frecciarossa 1000 that will take tourists from Rome Termini to Pompeii in 107 minutes. However, no one clarified that the train was scheduled once every 30 days, in the third Sunday of the month. The uproar was so strong that it prompted a correction: “From August 6 it will be active every Sunday,” Sangiuliano and Salvini specified. Not a spot maneuver, but we are close, for the train that will leave Termini at 8.53 and after a stop in Naples Central scheduled for 10.03, will arrive in Pompeii thirty-seven minutes later. From there one is expected shuttle up to the excavations. On the way back it will be even worse because the reverse path will be covered in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Only once a day. Among other things, even without the Frecciarossa 1000, Pompeii can already be reached by changing in Naples and then using the regional trains (about an hour’s journey) or the railway Circumvesuviana. The options out there? There were already about forty of them.

But do you want the convenience of getting on at Termini and getting off the train a few kilometers from the excavations? Which is kind of the same philosophy that he fell in love with Matthew Salvini in recent months about the direct Bari-Naples train. The two regional capitals are finally connected without the need to change a Caserta. While awaiting high speed, however, the connection will be guaranteed by a slower Intercity than the change solution. Whoever decides to get on the direct convoy will take it half an hour more: 4 hours and 10 minutes instead of 3 hours and 38.

Aspects that perhaps Salvini did not know, despite the fact that it is Minister of Infrastructurewhen in June he announced: “In July I will be proud to make the first journey with the direct Bari-Naples railway connection because a train, a bridge, an airport are not right or left”. With a broadside to the left: “He promised without ever realizing it.” Actually the jobs – unlocked since Renzi government almost nine years ago – they are underway and Salvini would have just had to wait instead of announcing a direct “snail” train and moreover that it connects the two cities once a day. The first “high speed” sections should come into operation a December 2024assures Ferrovie dello Stato, and in any case the project from 5.8 billion euros – financed for about 25% with the funds of Pnrr – will have to be completed by 2026. At that point it will take only 2 hours to move from Bari to Naples. Even if Salvini goes, if he is still a minister, he will be able to rejoice again.

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