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After reporting the Palermo in Serie B, Silvio Baldini continues to be talked about even in non-football fields. The rosanero coach was a guest of “Sky Sport Calciomercato L’Originale” where he made statements that caused a lot of discussion on social networks and beyond. The technician became the protagonist of an argument with Alessandro Bonan which has not gone unnoticed at all. Theme of the discussion, the culture of Palermo and the behavior of men and women in this context.

The technician of the newly promoted team to B. told Sky: “Palermo is not like Milan. Here if you are married and you start looking at beautiful women it is not good. It is not an easy city where you can come and behave as if you were in Milan. For example: if you are married and you start looking at beautiful women, you are not forbidden but you will certainly not be accepted, because in their culture the most respected thing must be the family. I find myself in this culture because as a child I grew up with my grandparents who taught me that the family is sacred “.

Quarrel between Baldini and Bonan

Alessandro Bonanin the studio, he replied to the words of Silvio Baldinisaying: “Oh well, if you look at a beautiful woman, nothing wrong”. The counter-answer of the technician was not long in coming, which went down heavily, causing an atmosphere of embarrassment to descend on the whole Sky study: “Yes, but if you have a wife and children and you want to go fuck a little girl, they do well to cut you …” added the coach.

Bonan he replied: “It is useless to be moral about others”. It’s still Baldini: “Come and live here”. The question and answer continued with the conductor saying: “I have lived in many parts, always in the same way”. Baldini then concluded: “Come and live here. This is culture and I like being here more than being elsewhere “. A discussion with themes and rather out of the ordinary speeches, which have caused not a little embarrassment between journalists and guests present at “Sky Sport Calciomercato L’Originale”. In short, after the undertaking of Palermo in Serie Bit seems that Baldini wants to keep talking about him.



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