Sheriff praises hero for disarming and saving Monterey Park gunman


Death toll rises in Monterey Park shooting

Death toll rises in Monterey Park shooting


The Los Angeles County sheriff praised the man who shot the gun. Monterey Park shooting incident Doubtful before carrying out a second attack, calling him a “hero” who “saved countless lives”.

At a press conference on Monday, Sheriff Robert Luna said Brandon Tsai confronted 72-year-old suspect Hu Kang Tran in the lobby of the Lailai Ballroom at Alhambra, a dance hall run by Tsai’s family. said.

“I would also like to thank Brandon Tsai for his heroic actions that have saved countless lives,” Luna said. “He was the hero who disarmed the suspect at the Alhambra and in my opinion saved many lives.”

“What a brave man he is,” added the sheriff.

The gunman shot 11 people dead celebrate chinese new year Saturday night at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio in Monterey Park.

Investigators said he then left the scene, drove several miles away, and entered the Alhambra’s Lai Lai ballroom about 20 to 30 minutes later. Tsai could be seen on surveillance footage snatching a gun from him.

The sheriff said the gun was a “9mm semi-automatic MAC-10 assault weapon”.

Los Angeles County Superintendent Hilda Solis also thanked Tsai for her heroic actions on Saturday night.

“I think that individual is a hero to all of us,” she said of Tsai. ”


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