she died at the age of 30


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The protagonist of Vite al Limite, Gina Marie Krasley, died tragically at the age of 30: let’s retrace her tragic story.

The American program Lives to the Limit (My 600-lb Life, the original title) is broadcast by Real Time and has thrilled millions of viewers in recent years. What makes the transmission interesting are the stories of the protagonists’ difficult life. As the title of the show suggests, these are people whose lifestyle led them to be at risk of health at a young age. As you certainly know, severe obesity causes a lot of disruptions and problems and in severe cases it can even lead to death.

Patients who come to the program and ask for the help of Dr. Nowzaradan and his clinic in Houston (Texas), they are people who have a difficult past and who have found a form of protection in food. In the long run, however, this protection has turned into a cage from which it is difficult to get out. It is no coincidence that one of the first steps taken within the clinic is that of the psychological path, useful to make them understand that they can do without food and that there are other ways to counter the difficulties and tragedies of life.

At that point, a path of diet and physical activity begins, useful for losing weight quickly, but also for teaching them a healthy lifestyle that can help them live longer. Usually a target is set to allow them to access an operation gastric bypass which helps them lose weight faster. However, not everyone manages to reach the goal and there are cases in which unfortunately the protagonists of the transmission die due to pre-existing problems.

Vite al Limite, the sad story of Gina Marie Krasley

Among those who in recent years have not managed to change their lives there is also the young Gina Marie Krasley, protagonist of the 2019 edition of the program. The young woman told the Dr. Nowzaradan that her problems with food started when she was still a child. Food was the only refuge from the verbal and physical abuse of an abusive father. Because of that situation, her body changed dramatically and her eating habits never changed.

In the long run, the diet maintained up to the age of 29 had also caused problems with his wife Beth and it was the spur of her partner that pushed her to want to solve her problems once and for all. It seemed that everything had gone well. Gina Marie Krasley she had managed to lose the weight necessary for the operation and had maintained after the program contact with fansshowing them the results of the new lifestyle.

Suddenly his health conditions worsened. The woman said she had problems with immobility in her legs and numbness in the fingers and toes. These problems forced her to hospitalization and in August 2020 the woman died at the age of 30. The causes of death have never emerged, only the pain remains for the premature death of a young woman who has experienced incredible suffering and was trying to move on.


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