‘Share the Joy of Giving’ Billionaire Gives $1,000 Each to College Graduates – But There’s a Pitfall


Billionaire philanthropist Robert Hale wants future nation leaders to know that they should give more than they get, and is a 2023 undergraduate student at Massachusetts-Boston. We demonstrated by giving everyone $1,000 to get us off to a head start.

But that money had its pitfalls. They are on a mission to donate half of it.

“We are proud of you guys, so we would like to share that celebration with you. We would like to give you two gifts. The first is for you. The second is the gift of giving,” Hale said in his commencement speech. “During this difficult time, the need to share, care and donate is heightened. Our communities and the world need you. They need us more than ever. needs compassion.”

He explained further as the worker removed a stack of envelopes from a duffel bag.

“There are two sets of envelopes. One says ‘Gift’ and the other says ‘Give’. “First it’s for you. ‘Gift’ is for you. ‘Give’ is for you too, but it’s giving,” he said. “The greatest joy we have ever had in our lives was giving, and now you have $1,000 in cash.”

The graduates jumped for joy and applauded for about a minute.

“The first $500 is yours,” said Hale. “Celebrate everything you have done to get here today. You are the leader. Celebrate. This is a gift to give to the organization of .A joy to give.Congratulations, Beacon!”

If the gift looks familiar, Hale also donated $1,000 to all 2022 graduates of Roxbury Community College. — with the condition that you divide it into two envelopes and give half to someone who needs more help.

Hale told Massachusetts alumni on Thursday.

Hale is the founder and CEO of Granite Telecommunications and owns a minority stake in the Boston Celtics.


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Written by Natalia Chi

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